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Febulous Hair Feature - Sam

Hi, I’m Sam from Griffblog.co.uk and I’m guest posting on Paige’s blog today as part of her Febulous hair care series! Today I’m going to be talking about my everyday hair care routine. 

About my hair

I started dying my hair red at the end of June last year and managed to keep it up for around 6 months before the constant re-dying started to get on my nerves. Just before Christmas I finally decided I wanted to turn it back brown. I used Colour B4 to strip the red out (which turned my hair ginger) before re-dying to get the colour it is now. The whole process left it feeling really worn out and generally quite dull so I all the products I use now I've been trying out with the sole aim of getting my hair back to life again!
Shampoo and conditioner

I tend to wash my hair every other day - on the evening if I have work the next day or in the morning if it’s my day off. I’m alternating between L’oreal colour protect (which is what I used most regularly when I had red hair) and L’oreal nutri-gloss light at the moment. Both are really good at making my hair feel cleaner for longer, meaning I can wash it less, but also a lot softer and more manageable without weighting it down. 

I started using “Fat Hair” mousse by Samy a few weeks ago (applying it evenly before blow drying) and I’ve found it’s really helped inject a bit of well needed volume and texture into my roots and length without making it feel clogged up. I’ve also been using John Frieda "Luxurious Volume" hairspray to again try and give my hair a bit more lift. This isn't as good as the mousse at adding volume or texture but I've found it's an essential for keeping my fringe in check! 

One product I’ve only recently discovered is Organix Argan Oil. I can’t believe I’ve only been using this for two weeks because it’s literally one of the best products I’ve ever put on my hair! It smells amazing and has made my hair feel so soft and smooth I literally can’t stop stroking it (cue some very strange looks from all the guys at work…) It's a little pricey for such a teeny bottle but I've found a small amount goes pretty far. 

I try to avoid using heat on my hair as much as possible but when I do I always use a heat protection spray first. I've been using “Take the Heat” by Aussie for a good few years now which smells great and does the job just fine. The bottle I've got I've had for ages too so it's proved to be really good value for money! My hairdryer is an ancient one from Remington (which is in desperate need of replacing) and my straighteners are even older GHDs, which my housemate donated to me in my third year at Uni after my Remington ones stopped working. I love GHDs. I know people say you can get alternatives which are just as good but I’ve yet to find any that live up to GHD standards!
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  1. Organix Argan Oil is amazing! Same, we try to avoid using too much heat on our hair too. Your hair looks beautiful Sam :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you so much girls! :)
      Sam x

  2. I really want to try organix argan oil! Seems amazing & highly rated. You have beautiful hair.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. Thank you! Argan oil is amazing, definitely give it a go if you're thinking about it, you won't regret it :)
      Sam x


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