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Working with my local hair and beauty salon.

Hello lovelies, I have some exciting news. Mainly for me sorry aha, but I hope you enjoy my journey and mainly for my local viewers also. I have been speaking with a local Hair and Beauty Salon of mine and they said that they liked my blog and would love a third party for there business. I personally think this is a great idea and will make a difference. As there are people out there umming and arring about trying different salons, prices and wondering what there all about. This is where I step in, I love my blog, I love blogging and it's no surprise to you all I love anything beauty related! So I was thrilled when Nathan asked me to do this and be apart of his Salon work. So were going to be working together to show you all what there salon has to offer you beautiful Women AND Men. Some men love a good pamper like the rest of us and why shouldn't they? 

So today's post is mainly going to be about me introducing the Salon to you all.

"Rachel Lamey Hair and Beauty is a salon community, we will go the extra mile for our customers, hungry then we will order food, struggling to get here or home we will collect you. Our aim is to exceed the customers’ expectations whenever the opportunity arises.
The salon owners founded the salon to provide a place for local people to relax in a friendly happy environment where pretense is left at the door. At Rachel Lamey Hair and Beauty you are welcomed as friends and treated as we would like to be treated."
They go above and beyond for there customers to meet there needs and make them feel right at home.
From my first visit to the salon shockingly having it being there quite a bit now I loved it from the moment I walked in. It feels tranquil, sleek, luxurious and classy all at the same time. You feel relaxed, at ease and just comfortable and that's just when walking through the door. I love the decor they have going on in the salon its gorgeous, all the big candles they have dotted around, the wallpaper, the beauty rooms the waiting room it just oozes luxury and comfort. Rachel and Nathan are very welcoming and friendly people and very easy to talk/get along with. Along with there other members of staff also.
Here are a few images from inside there salon for you to see. The images don't even do them justice though it is so gorgeous inside.

After being in there and meeting them both I can't wait to try out there treatments and products and share all my reviews with you all. They will 100% be my honest reviews but I just know it's going to be great! I had my eyebrows waxed and tinted when I went to meet Nathan to talk about the blogging scheme and Rachel did a tremendous job and will be staying there and getting them done there all the while now I have had so many compliments since having them done so thanks Rach!

Treatments we have already planned that you will be seeing reviews on soon will be

All over body massage
Back, Neck and Scalp treatment &
Gelly Nails

And the first product I am trialing is 

Espa - Refining Skin Polish
( A brightening exfoliator to deeply cleanse, smooth and perfectly revitalise.)

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