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Espa - Refining Skin Polish

Hello lovelies, today I have a product review for you. Nathan very kindly gave me this product to review for you all from his and Rachel's salon at Rachel Lamey's so here it is for you.

Espa - Refining Skin Polish

Along with their clean fresh looking packaging is how there products are too, very clean, natural ingredients and no nasties. Too many ingredients to mention but here are a few, aqua, sunflower seed oil, coconut, beeswax, shea butter and much much more.This can be used on the driest of skins or oily so anyone can try it, just that for oily skin you would only need to use this once a week where as dry to normal skin ideally two to three times a week. 

Looking after your skin is vital especially in the colder months, do you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin with added extra's daily or even weekly? Do you want nice skin and to age gracefully? You won't if you don't start looking after it now. Some people start at 16, I didn't start using skin care products till I was about 18 and my skin isn't amazing I still have the odd break outs but it is smooth and looks fresh, I hope. I wan't good skin when I age, I don't want saggy skin and it to look dull and unhealthy. I am lucky that I don't smoke or drink as that speeds up the process of bad unhealthy looking skin. 

I massaged this on to my warm damp face in circular motions avoiding my eye area and rinsed thoroughly afterwards. It has the tiniest micro-beads inside that are a bit tricky to remove afterwards as they are so tiny but a few go's with your flannel you will be fine. It is a very light exfoliation but just right to not be to soft on the skin or to abrasive. As I said in my Espa Facial I personally am not a massive fan of there initial scent but each to there own, like I said I love fruity and sweet smells not 'natural' scents but some may love that it hasn't got that strong over powering smell to it.

After just one application of this my skin felt amazing! It was glowing and so smooth, as I was staying in that day I never even wore moisturiser and my skin felt soft all day and radiant. After using this a few times again since it is slowly clearing up my blemishes on my face and is making my skin look more alive and less dull which I love in a product. It sweeps away at the dead skin cells though which makes it reveal softer and clearer skin. As a newbie to Espa skin care I am slowly converting to them and can see myself re purchasing all the range, my skin has never looked and felt so good. I would highly recommend you checking there range out or even getting your self an Espa facial to see the difference to your skin. For my local readers you should really check there products out or get yourself booked in for an Espa facial with the 50% off offer to new customers. But my other readers don't feel left out as Nathan and Rachel are giving you not only 10% off but they will post it to your address for a p+p fee. My local readers also get the 10% off  the product you just need to tell them you're a reader of my blog and this is my unique code 'PWBLOGRSP270214'.

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