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Febulous Hair Feature - Gemma

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Hi everyone! Gemma Button here, Paige has kindly allowed me to be a part of her fabulous haircare series, so a big massive thank you to her.  I write about Beauty, Plus Size Fashion and often share my views about love, body image and food.  This year Button's Blog will be on a path full of changes and improvement, I'd love you to join me for the journey

Haircare is something I am very passionate about and more so in the past few months, since colouring my hair plum and trying to encouraging length, which needs a lot of up keep.  I have chosen the five products that I have been relying on since the big change and below I will share them with you.

Lush New Solid Shampoo Bar
This is something I picked up just before I left for Morocco, due to it being solid and weighing under 100g, it was the perfect product to add to my suitcase.  Iv been using it for over six weeks now and have been quite frankly shocked by the results.  It contains peppermint and cinnamon oils, which help stimulate the scalp and roots of the hair, which increase natural hair growth.  I love this because it does actually increase hair growth, smells beautiful and from one little bar I have managed over twenty washes so far and still lots of product left.  I keep it stored in a handy little metal pot so its super easy to travel with too.  There is so much I could say about this so I will be reviewing this in full on my blog soon, keep an eye out.

Macadamia Healing Treatment Oil
This right here is my all time favourite product for use on the hair.  When people say a product has changed their life,I used to scoff and wonder how a beauty product could do such a thing, since discovering this I can fully appreciate this statement, Macadamia Healing Treatment Oil has changed my life.  I have also realised this is a major factor of my hair growing so long and healthy, I'm sure of it.  I have reviewed it in full so I don't want to repeat myself so check it out for yourself, Macadamia Healing Treatment Oil Review.

Denman Styling Brush
It wouldn't be right to write a post about haircare products I'm loving without mentioning a brush, I don't want you thinking I walk around with some kind of lion's mane hair.  You may be thinking, well any brush works, wrong.  I used to have a right battle with my hair after showering, it was always so full of knots.  Now I use my Tangle Teezer when I first get out of the shower to remove the majority of the knots, then this to get rid of the more pesky knots and style my hair.  It detangles throughout styling and is easier to control than the Tangle Teezer. I have written a more in depth review on my Denman Styling Brush so if you want to know more just have a wee look.  I should really given this a clean before photographing, I'm sure you can ignore a few stray hairs, right?

Nope, not the edible version unfortunately, this little treat is my saviour on bad hair days.  I have owned a giant donut since December 2012 and after watching numerous You Tube tutorials I mastered the technique of creating the much loved bun.  This is so simple to use, creates red carpet worthy hair in minutes and doesn't require the use of heat.  Heat is something I don't often use on my hair while I'm willing it on to grow so this means my hair can look sleek and polished without styling tools.  This one was a gift for Christmas, one of my favourite gifts.

GHD Styling Tools
I love all of the GHD styling tools but this model specifically.  Even though I don't use heat on my hair very often these days, not having a pair of these to hand would bring me out in a cold sweat.  Since my first pair way back in 2003 I have never wanted to try another device for straightening my naturally curly hair, these are the world's best styling tool in my eyes.  These glide through my thick hair effortlessly creating any style I put my mind to, even creating perfect curls!  In the picture of myself the whole look was created using GHD straighteners.  Sorry for the finger prints, being a shiny black cover its hard to avoid.

There you have it, all five of my hair care savours at the moment.  I hope you have enjoyed it and if you use any of them, leave us a comment below telling us why you love (or loathe) them.


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  2. All good products I cant live without my GHD'S .I love lush products too.


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