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Febulous Hair Feature - Bobby Glam hair Review.

Hello lovelies, it has been such a hectic week for me this week. Me and Oscar traveled to Blackpool to see Dan and spend a couple of nights with him as were missing him lots working away and he is staying over this weekend so only chance we had really with me working. The weather was absolutely horrendous Wednesday the night we was meant to be going back, the roads were all shut and me and Oscar were being blown all over the place. After my mini heart attack, one shoe down (Oscar not mine) and a blanket were finally home in one piece! I'll waffle on about that more in my Blackpool post for you but to carry on my Hair feature week I thought I would share with you a lovely Pr gift I got.

Dirty Looks

Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions.

Once I received the package I opened all this and thought it was lovely to be greeted with a little card thanking me for reviewing there product with a cute lolly and there social networks.

There packaging is so hygienic, air tight sealed in with a net around your ponytail and clips holding it in place.

Once you open up the packaging and get out your ponytail to put it on to your own little ponytail you simply place the clip you see above just above your ponytail...

Then wrap it around your ponytail with the velcro you see above and there is a left over strand of hair you wrap around again and you can clip those into place. 

It is super easy, you don't need a professional to help you or a hair dresser just an easy process you could do with your eyes shut! There ponytail is 100% Remy real hair extensions and the quality of the hair feels lovely. I have brushed it numerous amounts of time and no hair has fell out like previous extensions I have tried. I have been trying to grow my hair for years now. With my endless amounts of hair changes I can't really moan too much as that is the reason behind my stubborn growth spurting but hair extensions come in so handy when you want long luscious hair in seconds! They also pop a little book inside the packaging that shows you how to look after your hair and styling tips etc. 

This will be great for lazy days when i want my hair up as my hairs quite short it looks ridiculous in the tiniest ponytail so I can just whack this in and I'm good to go. Unluckily for me though once I excitedly ripped everything open and tried my ponytail on it wasn't the right match for me! It looked ok when I looked myself upstairs in the mirror but in true lighting and my brother kindly taking some pictures for me you can see it's not a true match sadly. Saying that I have seen there extensions and when you buy a pack of there extensions they also pack a little sample on the front so if it's not the right match you can send it straight back and exchange it for the true match. Here are some images non the less to see how the ponytail looks in your hair.

The ponytail retails for £49.99 now I personally wouldn't pay that for a ponytail hair piece as I have tried some extensions, full heads for that price and 100% real human hair and they have been lovely and recently purchased a bouffant hair piece from a beauty shop and that was around £25.00 and feels just as good and that's not even real human hair! So I wouldn't personally spend that amount of money on a pony tail but it depends what your after. If your not a huge hair extension fan but would like a fuss free hair do you can just clip in this might be the product for you! After saying I wouldn't purchase this ponytail I defiantly would try there hair extension range as I have read so many reviews about there quality and they do double, triple and even quad wefts for extra volume.  

Thank you so much Dirty Looks for letting me review your hair product and your services have been lovely.

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  1. looks really natural , couldn't pay that personally either for hair piece ;)
    Melissa | theinkedblonde

    1. it does and the hair quality feels gorgeous just abit steep for a ponytail I think hunny as there extensions start from £70ish xx


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