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TAG - Three brands, three favourites.

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would start my own tag. God knows if anyone will join in but I'm going to do it anyway. The idea is to pick three make up brands and three of your favorite bits from that brand. Here is what I have chosen...


My three favorite things from Rimmel are,

1.Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation, this is the best drugstore foundation I have come across if your a full coverage lover like me. It gives you that flawless finish and dries quite matte with a tiny bit of shine. I don't know about 25 hour stay as I have never left it on that long, but it defiantly stays on all day and night. 

2. Kate Moss Lipstick in 03, This is the perfect nude for every day use or to a formal event. I have a little review of it in my month of lipsticks here.

3. Stay Matte powder, I get an oily T-zone so this just stops the excess oils peeping through and giving me shiny forehead syndrome. A translucent powder that is not that visible to the naked eye and just keeps my foundation and concealer in place, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I'm sure you know about this anyway every blogger and there dog has.

Kate Moss lipstick in 03


My three favorite things from Mac are,

1. Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, This is my favorite highlighter, it gives such a gorgeous warm glow to your skin and enhances your bone structure. I like to apply this under my brow bone, above my cheeks and a little down my nose and on top of my cupids bow to make my lips look a bit more fuller.

2. Pigment in Museum Bronze, This is such a gorgeous shade, a bronze with a subtle gold shimmer running through it. This is featured in a FOTD look I have done which will be up shortly so you will see how pigmented they are. You only need one wash over the lids, no need to keep applying as it is super pigmented and it lasts for hours.

3. Lipstick in Snob, this is also mentioned in my month of lipsticks post here. A gorgeous pinky purple shade that is different from any other shade I own, its beautiful and I always get asked what it is when I'm wearing it.

MSF in Soft & Gentle on top, Pigment in Museum Bronze and Snob lipstick.


My three favorite things from Maybelline are,

1. The Colossal Volume Express mascara, this is my favorite drugstore mascara at the moment. It defiantly gives your lashes volume, doesn't clump and makes them look long and thick but not overly thick, its really good value and would highly recommend it.

2. Colour Show Brocades nail polish in Knitted Gold, this is just absolutely beautiful, makes your finger tips look like sparkling glitter balls. You don't have to only use glitter at Christmas time, I use it all the time. When I need a little pick me up I think sparkly nails helps and this is the one I always reach for. 

3. Colour Tattoo 24 hour eye shadow cream in On and on bronze, I adore all of these what I own but this one is my favorite as I am always using it! It is the perfect base for your brown smokey eye or great on it's own. It's pigmented enough to work alone with a bit of mascara and eyeliner as when I'm not wearing too much make up I just rub a bit on my lids and I'm good to go. Very easy if your in a rush or having to travel to work you can do it on the train and you don't even need a make up brush just your finger. A highly recommended product for you all to try out if you haven't already.

Colour tattoo 24 hour in On and on bronze.

If you would like to do this tag feel free! Just please link it back to my blog and take the picture too if you like. I'd also love if you tweeted me your links as I'd love to see your favorites. 


  1. Fab idea sweet! I love your favourites xx

    1. Thank you Alice, I would love for you to join in! xxx

  2. Ahh love this tag :) thanks for tagging me sweet xxx

    1. Thanks babe! No problem hope you do it so I can see your faves :) xxx

  3. What a great idea for a tag, might just have to borrow this one ;D The kate moss shade is lovely, I have the 010 and love it but the 03 looks like it would be really nice for everyday wear.
    L xo

    1. Do it babe! Look forward to seeing your choices!
      Ooh will have to check that shade out, this is gorgeous

  4. Thanks for tagging me, love your faves! ox


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