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February's Glossy Box.

Hello lovelies, abit late in the month with my February's Glossy Box sorry, but here it finally is. I didn't bother with January's as it was exactly what it said on the tin 'basic'. Alot of people have been slating Glossy box again this year, I absolutely loved last years boxes and umming and arring about this years but it's only February lets see if it get's better?

The box was obviously themed for Valentines Day, I love the packaging with all the colourful kisses on. Inside... When I Initially looked into the box only two products where screaming out to me and the chocolate ofcourse, but after having a deeper look there was more than met the eye. Ok, well I am not going to use that body shimmer stuff, to me it looks really dated and for the elder woman, is it just me? Well anyway I am going to be giving that my Nan as it's not my thang. Then there is the Toni&Guy Hair gum, I never use gum/wax type products in my hair, I can't stand the feel of it through my hair and it makes my hair look greasy and vile but one person who will love to try this is my boyfriend, so that's where that's going. 
Let's start getting on the product's I like, the Ciate nail polish immediately made my eyes light up, I love a nail polish or two, or several! I love the shade, a gorgeous reddy orange it is in shade 'Red hot chilli' if you wanted to go and check it out. Another thing that stuck out was the Maybelline Kohl eyeliner and I was so excited to try it out but guess what? My lovely son decided to open up my box and draw himself with it! I was only next door in the kitchen when this was going down, I know it's my fault for leaving it around but I was so looking forward to trying it, looks like I'll HAVE to buy it now. Also he wasn't harmed at all a quick bath sorted him out, he just looked like he had been sweeping a chimney or something. 
The Cocktail kiss lipgloss, when I first saw this I thought it looked like a cheap tacky lipgloss you get in the bargain shops but it smells so gorgeous they come in a range of flavors apparently and mine smells of a cocktail but can't put my finger on which one, very very sweet its beautiful! It is very shimmery though so would look nice on a night out I am guessing, pretty and pink also in the shade 'Manhattan'. 

Overall I didn't mind the box but it's not as good as previous box'es I've had from them, they need to up there game as so many people are switching to Birchbox and I sadly may have to join them if the next box is mediocre. Come on Glossybox :)

Have you currently switched or are you a Glossybox lover? I'd love to know what you got in your boxes if anything different in the comment's below.

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