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Hello lovelies, so Christmas is creeping around the corner and I don't know about you but I've had the Christmas films on since the end of November but some Christmas films favour over others, do you have a favourite Christmas movie or several? Here are my top ten -

Home Alone - Home Alone has to be my favourite out of them all, it's always been tradition in my old family household we would watch this at least ten times before Christmas actually came around, as soon as I saw my mom put on Home Alone I knew Christmas wasn't far away. I will be making it family tradition in my little familys home when Oscar is at an age he enjoys it, I tried it this year he just laughed at all the times the 'baddies got hurt'.

Jingle all the way - There is just something about this film which especially now I am a parent I can completely comprehend, if Oscar wanted a turbo doll I'd sure as hell do an Arnie and do what he did, totally acceptable. It's just hilarious, would you go as far as Arnie to get a toy figure?


The Holiday - Such a great romcom over christmas, Jude Law is hella cute in it too and even Jack black is too actually! Cameron is hawwwt as always and I love Kate Winslet as it is, it makes me want to randomly email someone and ask if I can swap with them for a couple of weeks, anyone in America? Any takers at all, must accept children ha! This film gives you all the feels though.

The Grinch - AKA my fiancĂ©, jokes. Although he is quite grinchy until four or so days just before Christmas, Jim Carey is a green furry star in this film, Oscar absolutely loved it and has watched it five times already. The hairstyles are weird as anything but the music sticks in your head, I'm still singing 'Where are you Christmas?' its funny and the whole family will love it, it makes you all understand the importance of christmas. 

ELF - Unpopular opinion but this isn't in my top five, everyone rates this film SO much, I mean I really like it and it made my top 10 but I just don't find it as amazing as everyone else, maybe its because Will Ferrel grates one me, sorry again to offend but he really does I just don't find him as funny as everyone else does but I love the whole concept of the film and all the little quotes.

Love Actually - Again it's not christmas in our house unless we have watched this comedy romcom, I know it word for word. Me and my mum when she was single once, I stayed in her bed and we laughed the whole way through it, it really picked her up, we were dancing in bed and we watched it again straight after we loved it that much, it's just one of those films you could watch over and over again and it never gets old. So many favourite lines too and the album is fab too, so many great tracks.

Polar Express - Before I even had children I loved this film, now I have children I love it even more, the whole magic of christmas in this film and I really want to ride the polar express, I wish Oscar could too, he's seriously doubting Santa and he's only 4! Help.

New Years Eve - Slight love actually feel to it, not as good as love actually mind but I still love it, it's a cheesy romcom but a good one. 

Santa Claus - All the Santa Claus films, I couldn't choose a favourite between them but I love them, I rewatched the first one the other night and just found it hilarious that he was changing into Santa overnight practically and had no idea, could you imagine? I wouldn't want that sort of pressure to be honest but it would be pretty darn amazing. 

A Christmas Carol - An updated Ebenezer Scrooge film for the children/family to watch together, watching the ghosts break his bitterness, Oscar said he's a really grumpy man haha.

Although I am loving all these christmas films it has been a struggle on our current tv, we have had some faint lines come up on our tv over the past couple of months, we have just been stingy and not bought a new one yet and it is christmas, priorities haha. But we would love to get a new tv in the new year, Dan loves watching everything in HD to get the full potential out of whatever it is we are watching and Panasonic have this gorgeous 50inch UHD 4K TV with HDR, it looks stunning and big enough for us all to watch films together, we love films in this house, I am actually going to be doing a 'friday night film night' feature on my blog in the new year, so look out for that. But this tv Dan is dreaming of, even the stand it comes with you can adjust it to four different positions, clear pictures with great colour. It is sleek, it has cinema display which is amazing for us. It can even go up to a size 65, which is excessive for us but the 50 would be perfect. 

Maybe I could ride on the polar express and ask Santa for this new tv? 

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