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Hello lovelies, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and have an amazing new year, I'm very glad to see the back of 2016 but I'll mention that in my next post. Here is to a better new year and my little tips on getting yourself pampered ready for your new years party.

I guess I'm a little late to this as you would prep tonight if you're going to a party tomorrow night for new years eve but I know some people save it for an 'all dayer' new years day. So either way here are my tips on getting ready for your party.

Get your feet stiletto ready - I swear by my micro pedi, I got it last year from boots in a nails inc box with some cute nail polishes, I file my feet at least once a month with this but as the weather has got colder I have started to get cracks in my feet and I also swear by Scholl cracked heel cream, I could tell a difference after just one use, it is a really thick cream and works its magic pretty pronto, I then go on to filing my toe nails and sprucing them up a bit with a nail polish of my choice. 

Manicure - You can't have a pedicure and leave out the manicure, no one wants a chipped nail! I like to change up my polish quite a bit on my nails, I have made the decision now to definitely never have nail extensions ever again they just totally ruin my nails so from now on if I fancy a treat I shall just get them painted at a salon or I shall to do it myself, I quite like pampering my self at home though and like choosing a colour even if it takes me forever to choose one, if I am wearing open toe shoes on a night out I like to match them to my nails, it depends but who doesn't love a bit of sparkle for new year celebrations?

Winding down - Before the big night out I like to run a hot lush bubble bath with one of my favourite bubble bars or bath bombs with a little bath oil added in, I then like to light candles around me and play some soft music in the back ground to really relax and have a pint of water on the side as I like my baths pretty hot I get a little light headed if I don't remember the water! Whilst I'm in the bath I'll put on a hair mask and face mask and really give my skin a good clean. If I'm extra prepping I will shave two days before a night out and fake tan the night before, I like being a golden goddess. 

Dressing up - Full coverage foundation, glittery eyes and fierce brows! A sparkly LBD and a favourite perfume. Alien is my favourite perfume in the winter months and I am in love with the new Urban Decay foundation at the minute, it is very full coverage and makes your skin look flawless, I also like to accompany that with the Nars radiant creamy concealer, a smokey eye with a little or a lot of glitter and you're good to go!

I have all these 'tips' however I will be slumming new years eve and new years day in my pjs no doubt! I have no plans what so ever this year, no parties or anything. I may do a mini buffet for me and my boys new years eve and watch family films but thats how far I'm pushing the boat out, at least I won't need to nurse any hangovers. Remember to drink responsibly though and a tip is to keep a pint of water next to your bed and take two paracetamol before you go to sleep and if you're really responsible drink water between alcoholic drinks but we all know you won't, just be safe and enjoy the moment, have a fantastic night whatever you choose to do and all the best wishes for your new year with friends and family. 

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