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EcoEgg Hard surface cleaner fresh lavender £23.54* 

Hello lovelies, for anyone who knows me they will know I have a mild OCD problem, not every day of the week granted but majority days of the week, I can not settle when the house is a mess, I can't go to bed if the dishes aren't done, I have to have clean kitchen work tops, bathroom has to be spotless, I think thats more down to germs etc. I haven't really talked about my cleaning routine or anything like that on here which I should do as sadly I actually quite enjoy cleaning when I get into it. Anyway Ecoegg kindly sent me two 500ml hard surface cleaners that came with two extra sponges and two microfibre cloths. This kit would usually come to us under £24 but on QVC you can get it right now for half the price. Ends at 12 tonight!

So firstly this concept was very new to me! I'm a bleach everything kind of girl or anti bacteria wipe everything! The scent is gorgeous, even better if you're a mum and only time is to clean at night I think the lavender will really help you sleep after a good clean. It is a little time consuming depending on the areas your cleaning. I absolutely loved this for my mirrors, I have honestly never seen my mirrors look so shiny until I used this, I ran my sponge under warm water, dabbed the tiniest amount into the hard surface cleaner then scrubbed my mirror, I then waited a couple of seconds then used a clean sponge to wash it all away then buffed it with the microfibre cloth, bang! Shiny mirrors, I can't wait to use it on my windows.

Doing the floor can take up quite a bit of time, I felt like Cinderella on my hands on knees doing my bathroom floor the other night but my tiles came up beautiful, it is worth it in the end result but I don't think I could keep this up daily, it would be more of a monthly treat for my floors for me, maybe I'm just lazy or have too much to do being a mum with two little ones under five. The product as a whole is excellent, smells lovely as some products can be too over powering and strong on the lungs but this is very pleasant, it is 100% natural and it claims to protect your surfaces so it stays cleaner for longer, I'm not sure if they have two kids and a dog who said that but my mirrors have stayed shinier longer. It can get up grime, anything really and so easy to use, I'm looking forward to seeing how good it cleans up my oven as I hate that job and will definitely be using this every time I clean my mirrors and bathroom but just not daily on every where else as I like to be clean but quick with being bust with the children and everything else.

After looking on Ecoegg's website I want to try everything! I don't know how on earth I haven't heard of them before but I'm so glad I had the chance to try this product out and will be buying more of their products. 

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