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Peppa Pig Softee Dough Picnic Playset £12.99*

Hello lovelies, if you know Oscar you will know he has always been an avid Peppa pig fan, he has almost every toy set from them and we have hours of fun playing with them, my favourite is pretending to be Ms. Madame Gazelle? Is that her name, its funny either way. Another thing we love doing is playing with play-doh! This softee dough is so much better to play with, I prefer the texture and for some reason it smells nicer and it's Peppa pig? Oscar was over the moon when this came for us to review.

I literally opened up the cardboard box and Oscar said "Mum, is that Peppa pig?" "Yes Oscar, even better look.." "WOW Mom Peppa Pig Play-Doh". From then on we have had hours of fun playing with this lovely little set. I love the fact it has a great big storage tub so we can keep all of his new softee doughs together, cutters etc. I love that it is very bright and colourful, great attention to detail and even the lids have little moulds in them too. I was actually amazed by the price of the set, I've always though dough was quite expensive but all of this for just under £13 is an absolute bargain. The fab mat it comes with is useful too, most parents hate this stuff because of the mess hence why my child is outside aha, no but most of the time to be honest we are upstairs I put a white shower curtain on the floor first and tell Oscar no where near the carpet. This mat helps a lot to keep the mess at bay and to make lots of picnic food, Oscar loved making the cake which I sadly didn't picture but it was a pretty good darn cake. 

As you can see above Oscars favourite thing to do is push the dough through the little tube and say "It's having a poo". He also loved pushing the dough in the picnic shapes and cutting off the access, great way to introduce them into cutting safely. I am sure Lawson will love this too but at the minute he thinks its an extra thing to eat so I tend to get this out when Lawson is napping. 

I already have my eye on the Peppa Pig Softee Dough 3D maker! This would make a great birthday/christmas present. 


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