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Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan £19.99*

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a great educational toy! I love educational toys because it means your children are learning whilst having fun so it doesn't feel like a chore at all and can I just say for just under £20 this is an absolute steal, I am so so impressed with this toy I would of bought this myself if I knew about it. 

I find it so hard to find things or toys that teach phonics its always AY rather than AH so I was super happy about this, it has 8 activities ranging from learning the full alphabet phonically, try and spell, find the letter, whats the letter, copy me and a couple more. Oscar has really enjoyed this toy and loves the music that comes with it too, even my one year old son is great at the copy me game! He loves how the alphabet letters light up using that as a guide and the funny noises that go with it. It doesn't harm them to start them young, especially if its really fun its a good way of learning early letter and word recognition.

This also helps to build communication skills, nothing that Oscar has trouble with though, it stimulates the senses, encourages memory and concentration skills which Oscar has, a great memory anyway lacking a little on the concentration and I am definitely hoping it helps more with his listening and attention this is my worst concerns with oscar at the minute, so I shall let you know more how I got on with that aspect.

We have filmed another little toy review, I apologise if the quality is poor, it looks great on my camera and iMovie but as soon as I upload to Youtube it seems to go all wrong, I'm still new to this though and working on it. 

I would highly recommend this to family and friends and I was even thinking of talking to Oscar's nursery teachers about it, I think it would be a great asset to the classroom. 

Have your children tried any of the Peppa Pig electronic toys?

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