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Hello lovelies, a bit of a different post today. Do you ever think about the dream you had the morning after? Thinking what the ... was that all about? I often think about them and google why I'm dreaming about them, like the ones where you've dreamt your teeth have all fell out or when you wake up naked at school? I hope I'm not the only one that dreamt that.. The weirdest one though, are you ready?

When I was about 10/11 years of age I had begged my mum for one of those half head dolls where you play with their hair and I loved her, she lived on top of my wardrobe when I wasn't playing with her then something really odd happened! After about two weeks of having this dolls head I started getting these horrid vivid dreams nightly, I dreamt that she was running (with her shoulder blades, no idea) she was trying to kill me, no idea how she would manage because she had no arms or legs maybe she could knife me with her mouth but it was scary as hell! I used to cry every night and had to beg my mum to throw it in the bin after a month. My mum was fuming being a single mum and getting me one when I asked for so long, sorry mum. Even weirder? My friend stayed one night when I had the half head doll thing and she dreamt the same thing! This is how I convinced my mum to chuck her too, how strange? My mum also sympathised with me because she said she had a doll that scared her and threw her out of her window, at least I asked first haha.

I have a 3 year old that constantly tells me he has dreams about monsters that scare him, I personally think its a ploy to get into my bed but he has a crazy imagination, I try making it really comfortable for him upstairs and leave a night light on for him but he has the funniest dreams too.

Apparently where you sleep can also effect the way you dream, Adjustamatic teamed up with Ian Wallace to to understand whats going on in our minds and why we dream such things, you can watch his little youtube video here. I do find that if I fall asleep on the sofa I don't really dream so much and if I do it is nothing that was crazy or worth remembering. I have funny little dreams when I've fell asleep in cars and things too, I'd love to know what that dreamt meant though being chased by a doll. I always wish I could know what my dog dreams of too, I dream my fiance cheats on me from time to time and read that was because he wasn't giving me nought attention, sounds about right haha.

What's your most weirdest dream?

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