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Hello lovelies, as you are reading this post me, Lawson, Oscar and Dan will be either on the plane to Benalmadena in Spain or soaking up in the sun, ahh. So I thought I would share with you all a little survival kit I come up with for our plane journey.

  • Snacks! All of the snacks, I'm going to try and be as healthy as I can and find things with the least amount of sugar in but I'm thinking cheerios, raisins, grapes and lollipops to suck on so their little ears don't pop, ouch.
  • Dummies - Lawson hardly has his dummy during the day now its just a night thing but If I'm going to be having him on my lap for nearly three hours I'm taking precautions.
  • Tablet - Again I have limited Oscars TV time loads but were in holiday mode, my son talks for England, he literally never shuts up from the moment he wakes so if putting his spider man ear phones on whilst watching his favourite film gives me peace for an hour or two, I'm game.
  • Ear plugs! Not for my children, for me to deafen out other children nothing worse than a screaming child on a plane.
  • Magazines, Learning books, Reading books, Colouring books - Anything to keep the brain working and entertained, Oscar loves learning and putting his brain to the test and Lawson loves looking at the pictures in his books.
  • Mini Cars - A distraction for Lawson he loves playing with cars.
  • Play-Doh - I know some parents are thinking is she mad? But I seen these cute play-doh printable mats that you would need to get laminated and thought this would really entertain Oscar, Play-Doh is his absolute favourite thing, I found the idea on a great blog Picklebums.
  • Little characters - I have a cute little Weeble for Lawson he loves flicking Marshal (Paw Patrol Pup) and giggling as he rolls back up as they don't fall down and some little lego figures for Oscar.
  • Lego - Well cheap lego! This wilko blox was ONE POUND for 48 pieces and it makes up a little ambulance, if Oscar doesn't want to build it I sure as hell do.
  • Drawing materials - My mind has gone totally blank but that Paw Patrol board up there that you can draw on and rub out with the little lever, Lawson loves using the pen and scribbling lines so thought that would be fun for him. I have my bullet journal to write or doodle in and colouring pencils with a spare notepad if Oscar feels like drawing.
  • Nappies & Baby wipes - For obvious reasons and sticky messy hands!
  • Spare clothes - You just never know with children.
  • A blanket - It's either too hot or too cold on a plane when I've been on one so I like to come prepared.
  • Squeezy Robinsons Squash - I've tried to just get my children to drink water but Oscar loves his juice so I've said he can have a little squirt of juice in his water when we get on the plane, plus its fun to squeeze.
Have I forgot anything? Too late now if I have, I've bought extra books for me if I ever get time to read them and some sweets, I have my family and suitcases what could possibly go wrong now to look forward to unlimited cocktails and food, I hope you enjoy the posts whilst I'm away and I'll be back soon in a much better routine and more blog posts! Adios 

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