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Left to Right - Peppermint, Whiskey & Bailey

Hello lovelies, meet our three amigos, brother guinea pigs! I have been after guinea pigs since I was a 12 year old and my best friend at the time had them, I had always wanted one but my mum never let me. I was waiting for Oscar to be at a good age and he loves animals so a few weeks ago now I got these cutie pies, I originally only wanted two as I know they don't do to well alone but the man said I do have only three left, I said oh goodness I can't leave one behind I'll have to have all three, he said he was happy as they are brothers! I felt much better keeping them together and they seem to be getting themselves comfortable here.

Duke is wary of them, my rescue dog gets on with anyone and anything but he doesn't get on with them sadly so I make sure they all have shared love an affection when we play with the guineas Duke stays in his room so they can have a good run around. We've been using the trampoline all zipped up, swimming pools and big tables as I'm still waiting for my carpenter fiancé to build them a snazzy run around. They love eating, I never knew small animals could eat so much, they love their pellets and straw but their favourite is cabbage! I give them watermelon for a treat once every two weeks and other fruits but they have vegetables every day. I should try their diet haha.

Peppermint is really mischievous and an escape artist, three times we have had to run after him in the garden, very stressful, he needs a lead when we are in the garden.

Whiskey is the most affectionate one, to me anyways.

Bailey is the greediest, he has the biggest bum like myself, you will find him in the food bowl first always.

I think having little pets is good for your younger children, it teaches them lots. We are always reading up about them, he help to clean them out and it teaches them about losses also. We all love the guinea pigs here though and I will be much happier when they have a new home built as they won't stay this small and cute forever. 


  1. Awww they are so adorable!

    Serena / http://ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

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