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MORSE TOAD Personal gift £12.00*

Hello lovelies, so recently I've been eyeing the internet up and down for gifts for the children and my fiancee, it's so hard to buy for men! I know my kids will be happy with cars, lego and whatever else is in the Argos catalogue but Dan, he's SO hard to buy for, I struggle every Christmas until Morse Toad got in contact with me...

How lovely is this personalised chocolate gift? I was going to give Dan this at Christmas but for review purposes he had to see it and tell me what he thought and if the chocolate was good or not, we may have accidentally ate the chocolate spacers before taking pictures, bad blogger alert! The chocolate is gorgeous though, just so you know. Its Belgian milk chocolate and it just melts in your mouth, it's so dreamy. It's a really nice thoughtful gift too, for just an extra pound you can put a photo in of what ever you desire. You could make this a personalised gift for anyone.

Your boss 'All I want for Christmas is a break' haha or 'Best Boss Ever', your girlfrined/boyfriend, children, aunt/uncle, sister/brother, friend. Anyone, I would struggle to find anyone who wouldn't be happy with this present unless they don't like chocolate of-course. I absolutely love this one of their website -

I'm really pleased with how it came, quite sleek and clean packaging and the whole concept of it all. Dan really enjoyed it, the chocolate and the whole process and now he has a lovely picture of the boys he can put in his wallet. I think I'm going to get a couple of these for the chocolate lovers in my family as it will really make them smile. 

Is there any chocoholics in your life you could give this personalised Morse Toad gift to this Christmas?

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