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Hello lovelies, so on my birthday back on the 11th of November I was invited to the Hipp Organic graduation party with Lawson to end his weaning journey a long with the other members of the wean journey team and the Hipp Organic team. 

Oscar also came for some moral support and to join in on the fun, It was set in a gorgeous garden centre and then some, Botanical gardens, the children loved it! Such a beautiful surroundings and perfect spot to have the party as they also grow organic vegetables and fruits, it was very apt. The Hipp organic even very kindly got me a birthday cake and they all sang happy birthday which was really sweet. We had a lovely time, we learnt lots of useful information from the great nutritionist Helen whilst feeding your infant too -

They shared with us all the amazing memories of our babies growing into toddlers, how far they've come on their journey and reminiscing. It was so nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I've loved every minute of being on the Hipp Organic wean team and met some lovely parents along the way also. We also got an amazing huge goodie bag at the end full of more of their gorgeous tray meals, their bath range which I adore, my kids smell even more beautiful when they come out there bath that I pop some in my baths now too! Vouchers, personalised cutlery for Lawson, a personalised book and onesie, ahem where is my personalised onesie though? I'm slightly jealous if I'm honest haha. It was a privilege to be there and share this experience with them.

·         HiPP has lots of expert advice of its website, just like this guide which talks about feeding a fussy toddler: https://www.hipp.co.uk/advice-centre/9-months-toddlers/fussy-eaters/
·         Did you know that the average toddler needs to eat roughly 95 kcal per kg of body weight? You can find out more information about toddler portion sizes on the HiPP website: https://www.hipp.co.uk/advice-centre/9-months-toddlers/toddler-portion-sizes/
·         You can find out more about which vitamin supplements are best for your toddler on the HiPP website: https://www.hipp.co.uk/advice-centre/9-months-toddlers/toddlers-and-supplements/

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