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Hello lovelies, so today we went pumpkin picking, yes its a little early but my decorations have been up since last week! Oscar is so excited about Halloween he said he's more excited about this than Christmas, I beg to differ he just can't wait for all the 'treats' but he's been asking for pumpkins for days! I saw on my Facebook someone talking about pumpkin patches and I thought, wow I've never actually been to one before, searches google...

I searched google for the nearest pumpkin patch to us and to our delight it was only 17 minutes away, fab! But... we got to the farm to only be told they don't open to the public until the 22nd! I was gutted but she smiled at me and said, seeing as you've traveled with your children to come here, I'll take you up to our pumpkin farm, how lovely of her! They sadly haven't got a website or any details or anything but it is Moors Covert Farm so if you live local in the Staffordshire area google that and it will show you the map (Cock Ln, Bednall, Stafford ST17 0SA). I thought it would be lovely to pick our own this year rather than just picking a goodish one out of the supermarket like we usually do.

We had so much fun choosing our own, Oscar wanted millions though 'I really like this one mom' lot's of times, Lawson didn't really know what to make of it all he kept looking around like where the hell are we, we ended up choosing two big ones and two small ones, I love the oval shaped ones, it's best to carve your pumpkins a couple of nights before halloween to stop them from rotting! If you do carve early some tips I have seen is to put petroleum jelly on the inside and outside, it locks in the moisture, spraying a mixture of half water and half bleach inside and out and spraying acrylic paint on it, I'm going to wait to carve until a couple of nights before, nothing worse than a rotting pumpkin! 

I have scrolled through Pinterest for some carving ideas and can't wait to have some fun with them, I might put our huge one on the doorstep and leave one in the kids play room with one of those battery operated tea lights, they're a fab idea. I would highly recommend checking this farm out if your local, the farmer said they have a bouncy castle and tractor rides and things too, so definitely check it out next weekend, you will have lots of fun with your kids, or if you're a big kid at heart get some for yourself and join in on the fun. 


  1. looks like alot of fun!

  2. It was! We picked huge ones also, I can't wait to get carving next week x


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