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Hello lovelies, I'm braving another OOTD eek, I just don't feel confident at the moment what so ever but like I said to my fiance, I've joined slimming world, I want to get back to feeling like 'me' again and if I post pictures of me at the moment now, in the near future I can see how far I've actually come, so I thought sod it, Paige just post your pictures and I want to know, do I suit hats?

HAT - Peacocks
TOP - Peacocks 
NECKLACE - Topshop
JEGGINGS - New look
BOOTS - Office

Autumn and winter are my absolute favourites, I love wrapping up all warm and cosy, I'm loving this top, anything that hides my big bottom is a plus for me and the colour is just gorgeous. These are my favourite boots ever but they are really getting worn at the toes now so I need some more, can anyone recommend me a good pair of leopard boots?


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx