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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a gorgeous wall mural from Graham & Brown, how gorgeous is it? We are in the process of decorating the play room at the minute, I recently got contacted to this project that Graham & Brown were doing for children to be imaginative and choose their own decor for their dream bedroom, we have updated their bedroom as you can see here so we thought we would revamp the playroom, Oscar chose this wall mural and he is so impressed with it as I am and loves all the colours, its a delight walking up the stairs now, I always show case their art work but this is just stunning and because it's vintage it will never grow old, who doesn't love Disney? 

As you can see we had a blank canvas to work from, I took down the kids art work and have found a new place to store that, my fiancés dad very kindly did this for us and has done an amazing job, he took the light switch of and the stair gate to get it cut clean and looking perfect, my only thing now is I want the whole room done in it! But I'm not, I fear that may a bit too much I'm going to finish it of with some light greys and paint the ceiling wooden panels in white like we did the bedroom, then I'll finally get a new carpet but for now play doh is thrown around, paint etc so I'm not to fussed about the carpet. I just adore it, the quality is amazing, no grainy pictures, its also quite nostalgic coming up to the boys playroom now and reminiscing over all my childhood Disney films. I am really impressed with this and would urge anyone to get a wall mural to break up a room, give it a feature and for that pop of colour that the room really needed. 

Lawson is also a huge fan of it, he looks up to the wall and says oooh, I think he loves all the pretty bright colours in it too. I can't wait to share with them all these films I once loved. The detail is just second to none, I can't seem to find a fault with it, the price is reasonable I think after seeing the quality, I first thought wow £55 for a wall mural but now it's up on my wall I can understand why, you pay for the quality, I could get a cheap Disney inspired wallpaper from BnM and it wouldn't look half as good as this! I am super impressed with it and will be looking into getting another when we have the extension and Lawson gets his own bedroom, I have my eye on this map its beautiful and great for learning, I almost tried to persuade Oscar to choose this for the playroom but glad he chose this vintage Disney one. It always catches your eye and everyone who has come to have a nosey at it absolutely loves it, my Instagram friends are jealous and want one, I could see these wall murals being very popular. 

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