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August Faves!

Hello my lovelies, hope your all doing well I seem to keep drifting in and out with my posts and I apologize life is just very hectic at the minute I really need to write down some sort of routine, I'm very organised on the home front cleaning all the draws out etc putting things in there right places so I'll soon be on top form. Also sorting a nail course out which I'm really excited about and my sons the big 1 in a couple of weeks time is going way too fast! Anyway I always let myself get carried away you didn't want a life update you came to read my monthly favorites haha so heres August's...

Radox - Berry Burst Shower Cream
This shower gel smells amazing and you only need the tiniest splodge on your sponge and it foams up loads. I picked this up for about a £1 in home bargains and love it. I love fruity shower gels and this is a concoction of different berries with milk in to keep your skin lovely and soft.

Dove - Summer Glow & Soft Shimmer Nourishing lotion
I have been using this for a couple of weeks on top of my fake tan and it did last a lot longer, I'm as pale as anything and this stuff really helps plus it has moisturiser in it too so 2 in 1! I can be quite lazy when it comes to moisturising my body after a bath/shower but I have been trying to keep up with this to give me that healthy glow and its not too much. I may not bother as much with the winter coming up though I don't want to be an Umpa Lumpa in the autumn/winter months haha.

Avon - Nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray
I have been loving this as I am very impatient when it comes to nails drying plus I have been experimenting with different patterns and designs so this has come in handy as you have to wait a while whilst ur nails dry before you can layer the nail varnish so I would defo recommend this if you love doing your nails as much as I do and its about £6 you can find cheaper alternatives which I shall be trying out in the near future and will keep you updated. Luckily for me my friend kindly gave it to me but I shall be getting another.

Ebay - Nail art tools
I got these babies for about £3 for a set of 6 double ended with different sizes on as I said I have been loving experimenting with all sorts of designs and patterns and these have been fab for that. There super easy to use and very practical. Another recommendation if you love experimenting on your nails girlys.

Make up favorites I've been loving in August.

Rimmel - Lasting Finish 25 Hour Stay Foundation
I adore this drug store foundation, I have it in classic beige as I love a foundation a touch darker than my pale skin tone as I like a bit of colour to my skin I don't like the Casper look. It dries quite matte but although I have combination skin more to the dry side it goes really well on my skin. It is medium to full coverage and gives quite a flawless finish. These and my MAC studio sculpt foundation is my favourite by far.

Sleek - Blush By 3 in Lace
This blush palette is just gorgeous, don't you think? If your not a massive fan of bright colours don't worry there not this vibrant on your face if you apply liberally, but I love a flash of colour on my cheeks to make myself look more vibrant and alive. I have been loving the far right the best in August in shade crochet a matte pinky peachy colour. I love all the colours though a range of shimmer and matte and very pigmented. I got this for £9.99 from Superdrug.

Urban Decay - Naked 2 Eye shadow palette
I am so glad I finally jumped on the band wagon and got this a couple of months ago I've never put it down since! All august I have used this but five different shades mostly doing different looks. I have been using the Maybelline colour tattoo as a shadow base to keep them looking more vibrant and in place also. The five shades I have been loving mostly this month is Half baked, Chopper, Suspect, YDK and Busted although I'm more a lover of matte eye shadows these shimmer ones are just gorgeous! Give a gorgeous smoky eye. It is a lot of money if you haven't got it for an eye shadow palette but I really do think its worth it if you love your nudes. creams and smoky eyes you will never put it down! It cost me £36 from Debenhams. 

Maybelline - Colour tattoo 24 hour stay in On & On Bronze
This is the creamy shadow I have been using as a base under my naked palette, this does look gorgeous alone too but the staying power is just phenomenal and so easy to blend over your eye lids. I use this alot on lazy days with my finger great for on the go in your make up bag I really want the full collection of these and hope they bring out some more shades in the future.

Bourjois - Colour Boost Lip Crayon
I've been loving the lip crayons lately and this has been used so much in August. A gorgeous red berry colour with undertones of pink the subtle fruity scent to it makes me want to eat it also. It hasn't got the strong minty smell that most of the lip crayons have its beautifully scented. they glide on so nicely over your lips and has moisture in them they are quite hydrating and feels like you have a lip balm on but with the vibrant colour also! They are very pigmented and last a good couple of hours. I wouldn't say they are 10 hour stay in colour but defo hydration. It also contains Spf15 so win win. The only thing is is that there range hasnt got that many different shades there more pinky tones but maybe they will branch out soon.

Gosh - Growth Mascara The secret of longer lashes
I have been also loving this mascara, nothing will ever compare to my Sexy pulp by Yves r
Rocher but this has been a dream to use. It really has made my eye lashes feel longer, I'm not a massive fan of the wand itself but you can't have it all right? Its made my lashes feel longer and doesn't clump at all. I think I got this in a glossy box and very happy with it I am indeed. 

MAC - Blusher In Sincere
Although this is a blusher I use this as a bronzer this is far to dark for me to use as a blusher, maybe its gorgeous on darker skin tones though. But this is perfect for bronzing my skin I've hit pan on it I love it that much and would defo repurchase this beauty! I also have never tried a MSF so any recommendations for pale skin with a touch of colour would be greatly appreciated! 

Eyeko London - Skinny mini liquid eyeliner in black
This is a beautiful liquid eyeliner! It has a felt tip like tip that glides beautifully on your eye lid. I have been using this so much and is now a make up bag staple! I will be writing a review of it this week so look out for it! 

Well those have been my monthly favorites hope you enjoyed it. If you have a monthly favorites post don't be shy to pop it on my comments under neath I love a good nose. 



  1. Glad you enjoyed the freeze spray :') aha!

    Jess // Coffee & Cosmetics xo

    1. Sorry forgot to me thin you give it me lol shall edit tomoz x

    2. Don't worry about it sugar, just meant glad someone could appreciate it more than me cause I don't paint my nails as much as you :P xo


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