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Autumn Lipstick

Hello lovelies, I've never been one for a dark lip but as its coming up to the blistering cold nights and foggy mornings I thought why not venture out of my depth and get a darker shade for the autumn and winter months. So here I have to show you today what I picked up on Monday. I was buying my friend a little birthday treat anyway so thought perfect moment to get myself a new wintery shade.

Seventeen - Lasting Fix Lipstick £4.29 (Boots)

For starting of with new darker shades I think its best to start with drug store makes as there cheaper just in case you change your mind later on or unsatisfied with them you haven't spent too much money on them and can always give to a family member or friend.

I'm personally pleased with my bargain lipstick. After receiving that amazing goody bag from Seventeen not long ago I didn't realise how good there collection can actually be so that has broadened my horizons and made me get a few other products from there range so that I did. This lipstick for the cheap price tag is quite long lasting hence the name and not drying at all, unlike more expensive lipsticks that are drying I find that so annoying so for just over £4 you can't really go wrong plus there colour collection is fabulous! 

I got this shade in 'Autumn Berries'  I love the dark red tone to the lipstick with an undertone of  burgundy. This compliments my pale skin tone very well. But I also think this will look great on all skin tones. 

As where I live the drugstores aren't very good for big collections of colour with all the make up brands so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any drugstore autumn shades? What are your favorites?

I shall be sporting this lipstick in the Autumn and winter as well as my other shades, I don;t wear certain shades for certain seasons but I do like to get in the spirit of things.

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  1. This shade is really perfect for fall indeed! I should try to find one myself!



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