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My make up collection

Hello lovelies, I have been umming and arring alot about this post but finally got round to doing it. Im quite happy with the space my make up collection is in at the moment but awaiting my new dressing table. I haven't got a massive make up collection but have got an unhealthy obsession for lip products! Also probably don't need that many mascaras but this is what I love! Most of my pennies go on beauty products I really am obsessed with make up and skin care products you can never have too much honestly! So here goes, a warning there are lots of pictures.

I currently use my spare room upstairs as my little getaway, my beauty haven such a great place to just chill out. It has most of my favorite things upstairs so I love it very much.

This is a little floating shelf I just popped on top of a radiator, very safe hey. That consists of three little drawers where I mainly keep cu-tips, buttons and random little flimsy things. On top of that a cute little pot I keep my make up brushes in containing Real Techniques brushes, Eco Tools, Elf and other random brands. A little whiskey glass I got from a charity shop in a set of four which I usually keep my little Yankee candles in but this one keeps my eye lash curlers and pencil sharpener. Then a little pot from Ikea which you will probably see everywhere over the blogosphere containing random brushes I rarely use and a glass jar containing eye brow pencils and eye liners of all forms. 

Then in the middle a plastic clear container I got of Ebay which has my mascaras scattered in the slots which is usually for lipsticks but I like to be different consisting of Clinique, Benefit, Yves Rocher, Gosh, 17, Max factor, Rimmel and more and a glass jar next to it full of random lip products that don't fit in my other designated places. Then three clear draws full of my lipsticks from Highstreet to drugstore. Mac, Topshop, Clinique, Sleek, Rimmel, Maybelline, MUA, 17 an others. Next to that a Ted baker tin mug full of lip glosses. Mac, Rimmel, Elf and many drugstore lip glosses. 

Then in the large glass jars I have a big one containing all my little samples, sachets mostly then the other full of cotton pads. Two little jars containing hair grips and perfume samples.  

Then in the two draws below I have in the left hand side my 'Eyes' draw.

In the back basket I have eye shadow palettes and eye brow palettes, I have bigger eye shadow palettes to the side and the little glossy box lid in front I have single eye shadows with a couple of shimmer sticks and eye lid primers. The little black pot next to that is full of random things. 

Then in the right hand side draw I have my 'Face' products. 

This consists of my Foundations, Primers, BB creams, Concealers, Powders, Highlighters Blushers and Bronzers.

My foundations, from highstreet to drugstore consisting of Estee Lauder, Mac, Benefit, Rimmel, Loreal, MUA, Lush and other brands.

Then BB creams, Tinted moisturisers, Concealers, Highlighters and Primers all ranges of highstreet and drugstore.

My blushers, Elizabeth Arden, Mua, No7, Elf, Mac, Rimmel, Revlon and others.

My Bronzers, consisting of Avon, No7, Elf, Bourjois, W7 and other brands. My Powder brush also lives in here as it fits nicely. 

Then lastly on my make up draws I have my nail varnish collection along with my two mirrors.

A whole different variety of nail polishes up above, I love experimenting with nail art and I pretty much have every single colour I think. My nail art bits and bobs are in the bigger draws. If you would like to see more into my nail collection don't be afraid to ask :)

Like I said I haven't got a huge collection but I'm pretty pleased with it its enough for me and I love spending a good few minutes choosing what look I'm going to go for in the morning. I hope you liked this post and I LOVE Make up collection videos and posts and if you have one please pop it in the comments, I love a good nose through.


  1. Your setup and collection is lovely! Mine really needs re-oganising but since I'm going to uni in just over a week I don't have time and I'll be needing to take a lot of make up with me!

    Really loved reading this :)

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thank you ever so much lovely, I bet its hard shipping to and from to uni with all your things. Maybe a make up carry case lol?
      Thanks again xx

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