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Hello lovelies, I didn't take that many pictures here as we were all having so much fun! Lawson was with us too aha but obviously too small for the rides. This is an extension of out 'weekend in Teignmouth' post, Crealy is down south and was on the way home so we thought why not spend our last day down south at a theme park for kids?!

Oscar absolutely loved it, well we all did I wished we had something like this nearer to our home I'd be going everyday! So affordable and so many things to do, lots of different food places for everyones tastes, they have two soft play places as well as outdoor ones! Then plenty of rides to keep you entertained. I'm so glad Oscar likes fast rides he had so much fun.

We had the best family time down south, spent quality time with Dan's family too and just explored a bit. I think Oscar's favourite ride was the water slide where you go down in a rubber ring he also loved petting all the animals as he loves animals. I just really wish we lived closer so we could go regularly. 

Have you been to Crealy before?

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