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Septembers My Little 'Fashion' Box £11 pcm

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you Septembers 'my little box' as it's amazing! This is by far the best monthly subscription box I've signed myself up too. (Not at all because it has alcohol in it, thats a one off) It has a great arrangement of lifestyle pieces with some beauty bits thrown in too, perfect. 

In this months box I got a gorgeous blue scarf perfect for autumn with a beautiful print on it, they don't give you all the prices of the items in the box but this is 24 euros alone! It is an american vintage scarf. You also got some cute little nail art stickers, I'm not the biggest fan of these but I will try and have a little play around with them or maybe treat my friends to a mani.

Obviously the alcohol, not only did they supply me with this, they put in a little cocktail book! How sweet, I love the sound of the strawberry mint, i'll let you all know how that went down. An exciting product I thought to try was the La Roche-Posay BB cream apparently its great for sensitive skin and I do suffer with sensitive skin in the colder months so can't wait to try this out and hoping it has pretty good coverage too. Another beauty product we got in there was a gorgeous red lip colour it feels like a lipgloss but dries like a lipstick, the formula feels lovely and I love rocking a red in winter, I can't wait to wear this one as its so stunning I will have to get a review up of it for you all. 

Last but definitely not least we got a mini hairspray by Kerastase, I always hear good things about this brand and looking forward to trying out this extra strong hold hair spray, I love mini's to throw in your bag or perfect for weekends away, I'll have to hide this from the fella though as he keeps robbing my hairspray at the moment or maybe even give a review from a mans point of view? Interesting. 

All of the contents in the box cost a lot more than £11 so I definitely got my moneys worth, but its the excitement of not knowing what your going to get and I actually use the things I receive in these boxes as before when I subscribed to beauty boxes they were just products being stored and getting no use at all, I couldn't recommend this box enough to you if you love lifestyle bits and some beauty things. I also love how they give you a cute little card with a message on, I have all of my previous ones in frames around my house, super excited to try all these new things, I'll let you know what I think of them later.

Are you subscribed to my little box or any other boxes?

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