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Hello lovelies, on Saturday the 19th my beautiful baby turned into a very big three year old! Where does the time go? I'm still in shock at how fast three years has sped by me. This is probably going to be a really deep soppy post so prepare yourself.

So 19th September 2012 I gave birth to Oscar Jay Kazoks weighing 9lb 10 ounces all natural just on gas and air within 3 and a half hours. About four months prior to finding out I was pregnant with my baby Oscar I was massively depressed and not wanting to be on this planet at all, I didn't feel like my life had purpose or I'd be missed if I was gone, in September that all changed I gave birth to the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and he gave me purpose, I truly believe that he is my guardian angel sent to me to keep me sane, grow into a better person, become stronger and show the world what I can do and what I can achieve mostly to be a great mum I aspire to be. 

I was really lucky with Oscar he slept through from about 8 weeks old, always took to his food really well no trouble with teething or anything like that, he was an amazing baby and gave me no trouble at all I thought this parenting thing is a doddle! Until the little terror hit 2, it's true what they say guys terrible twos, i thought someone had took my angel Oscar and swapped him with satan, he demanded everything and if he didn't get it you'd all know about it! But despite the tantrums, tears, hair pulling and chaos of a house he made me laugh daily, he is the most loving little boy who loves cuddles and kisses, he can't go to bed at night without his green froggy or a bedtime story and is so intelligent.

I honestly don't know where his intelligence comes from, its not me or his dad aha! He's now stringing sentences along lovely, still sleeps through great despite the early wake up calls 'Come on mom get up, its morning!' He has also gained a little brother Lawson who he loves dearly and protects, he strokes his head, puts his dummy back in if it falls out and loves helping feed him or helping me get things. My heart oozes with so much love I have for my little boys and I honestly don't know where I'd be now without them. Dan has his faults like we all do but he is a great dad and tries his best for them, he has truly spoilt all of us this weekend gone and Oscar had the best birthday ever, we surprised him with Peppa Pig world Friday, I shall have a post about that soon he absolutely loved it and was well worth the 6 hour there and back journey! I know right. Up above is just some of the pictures from his birthday meal, he wanted to be spiderman so spiderman he was, his new obsession along with minions and dinosaurs. 

He's been in a nursery since he was 2 so he could learn new things and interact with children his age but he starts proper school nursery in November and I'm so emotional about it, he really is growing into a little man and the days are just going by too fast, so I'm just going to enjoy every minute of them as you should do with your little ones.

He was truly spoilt with lots of presents, cards and love xxx

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