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Hello lovelies, my children were very kindly sent a selection of CAT Vehicles from Funrise that very recently just launched in the UK! You can imagine my vehicle obsessed boys faces when these got sent to our house.

We was very kindly given three new toys, Lawson loves dressing up so immeditely grabbed the set with the builders hard hat in! CAT Construction Fleet Sand Set-Dump Truck Veichle £14.99* This 10" dumper truck comes with the hard hat, shovel and rake it is perfect for our boys with our construction site of a back garden after the extension carnage! The boys have loved getting dirty with their trucks and shovelling stones. There is no batteries required with this toy so you can play with it outdoors in all weathers with its pull and push mechanism. 

CAT Junior Crew Build Your Own Veichle Set £12.99 - I think this toy is super good value for money, to be honest I think all the toys from the range are as they are made form robust plastic and this toy is great for fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and is great for team building too or working on your own initiative. The boys got together and worked as a team trying to build the truck together, Lawson ans Oscar also really loved the mini builder character that came with it, lots of role playing play also. 

Then lastly the CAT Power Haulers Assortment £19.99 This toy lights up and has sounds which the boys loved, it comes with motion drive technology, the boys can make the engine rev up, activate the lights, if they pull the veichle backwards they can hear back up sounds or move the bucket to hear hydraulic sounds. They built themselves a right little construction set in the garden and had hours of play, we also get the tuff tray indoors if it is miserable outside with some play sand and rocks and they will play for hours on end with their new veichles and role playing with each other. I would highly recommend these toys to any digger or truck lovers out there. 

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