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A couple of weeks ago we were very kindly sent brand new toys from the Thunderbirds are go range from Bandai, a group of us were the first ever people to try out the new range! How exciting, ours came a bit later than everyone elses and its been a hectic half term but here are our thoughts.

Who is/was a thunderbirds fan growing up? Dan loved it growing up and it really bought back the nostalgia when we got sent these through the post. The boys have been watching old shows and new ones Saturday mornings on CITV and they are in love with it.

Lawson loves the veichles as he's veichle mad, he also loves the action figures but his favourite toy out of the lot was the Thunderbirds T2 Zip line, Grapple hook and Virgil action figure - Lawson has loved attaching the grapple hook to certain parts of our furniture and getting Virgil to zip wire down to rescue someone. The toys have been great for using their imagination and putting what they watch on the show into thier own action scenes.

Oscars favourite toys were the action figures, we recieved Virgil and The Mechanic, The Mechanic being a firm favcourite with his firing weapon. They are both 30cm tall so larger figure toys which make it great for holding and playing with eachother. They take it in turns being the good guy and the bad guy. They have articulated joints which make it easy to move their arms and legs around with ease. They say a few phrases and light up. 

We then also got a lovely bag of colouring pages and crayons and T1 and T3, two motion tech and voice activated toys. The boys loved the fact these toys were set of from certain noises or being moved around and they are the perfect sixe to throw in their little back packs for taking on journeys or whilst were having a meal whilst waiting. The boys have also had a few play dates over the last couple of weeks and all their friends loved these new toys from Bandai. 

What was your favourite toy growing up?

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