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Hello lovelies, another lovely toy from Brio this time a Police Station, Lawson is obsessed with anything police related so he was thrilled to recieve this new toy.

Again Brio pulls it out the bag with these additional add ons for your child's tracks. This Police station comes with a police vehicle that has a siren and lights up, a police man and a bandit! You can lock the bandit in jail and attach it to your train track.

Very well made, Lawson loved locking the baddy away and saying "you in jail now naughty man". He also kept shouting 'Nee Naw" as he was pushing the police vehicle around his truck trying to catch bad guys. This does come with batteries but if you need to top them up you will just need 2 LR44 batteries (the small round ones). 

If you have a child who is into police then they will surely love this toy. The kids always pair their playmobil toys up with their Brio world toys, they take them to the station and now they have a police station to keep their make believe town under lock down!

It really is a great addition to a train track collection. 

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