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Hello lovelies, one thing I wanted to be better at this year was looking after myself especially mentally! So I thought I would share with you 8 things you can do to be more mindful.

1. Take a walk, this could be anything between a short brisk to a long adventure. Your choice, only you know how far you can go. But just being outside in the fresh air especially as it will soon be spring, you will hear the birds, smell the flowers and just have some space to think or not think, just taking in the outside.

2. Decluttering, it can't just be me who feels like a totally new person when I've decluttered a room? The energy of the room just makes me feel amazing and makes me fall back in love with a room again too. Nothing like the perfect time than now for a spring clean! Even better you could make some money from some things you're taking out or even give things away to family and friends, then everyone is happy!

3. Do something creative, you could paint, draw, do a DIY, or even baking, whatever you feel most comfortable with but just getting creative and putting ideas on paper or making a scarf or whatever just gives you that time to yourself and the end result will make you feel really good after.

4. Mindful eating, we all love the junk food, it tastes so good but sometimes it leaves you feeling groggy. Try and be a bit more mindful of what you're putting into your body, make sure you're getting in your 5 a day you won't believe the difference and drinking plenty of water. It detoxes your body and thinking about the foods your eating might be good and fun to think of new recipes you can cook for you and your family.

5. Take a soak, if you haven't got a bath, ask your family or friends but I love nothing more than shutting the bathroom door when the kids are in bed, turning relaxing music on and filling my bath with hot water and a lush bubble bar, the more bubbles the better! You will feel amazing after a long hot soak, add some oils too!

6. Write a journal, Just by starting a daily journal you can look back and reflect on days and see what makes you happier, it will give you a good perspective over time.

7. Try Yoga, I don't mean the intense yoga! I joined a 'easy' yoga class one evening at my local gym and it was the best thing I ever did, the lights were dimmed, there was essential oils, it was just so relaxing! The best part you nap at the beginning and the end! But it was good to stretch too.

8. Get a good nights sleep, it might seem the most obvious but try turning your phone on airplane mode or silent when you go to bed and just grab a book instead until you fall asleep and get a good 7-8 hours, your body will thank you for it in the morning.


  1. This is a really useful list. A few I hadn't thought of, I'll be putting into practise.

  2. A good mindful walk always sorts me out I love to go for big mindful walks in our local park it truly sorts me out!

  3. We had a good declutter last week and not only does the house look much better, but it felt great too

  4. Decluttering and sleeping are the two things I’m working on this year. Getting there!

  5. Thanks for this post, some really great ideas here! I am always surprised at how much a relaxing bath and good nights sleep can lift my mood! I will definitely be trying out some more of these tips too so thanks for sharing.


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