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Hello lovelies, we were very kindly gifted a brand new magazine before it even hit the shops! It came out on 25th July and it's already a hit with Oscar. 

This new magazine is aimed for girls and boys aged between 4-7. It has an array of activities, crafts, experiments, puzzles and lots of facts! Oscars favourite thing is facts. It has lovely bright coloured photos and full of stickers. As you see on the front cover you get a free gift, this months is a dinosaur chomper it's not your usual break in two minutes toy you get on the front of a magazine it's actually quite sturdy and the boys have played lovely with this. You also get a free World map poster which I will share with you in a moment.

This is just a snippet of whats on offer inside the magazine, Oscar usually gets bored with magazines and hasn't had one in a while but he was gripped with this one. We use Redan magazines a lot as Lawson loves them, but as Oscar is 6 now and gets bored quite easily its hard for him to stay focused on something for a long while. This magazine however did the trick, he is now telling me lots of facts about dinosaurs, animals and the world! I learn more now through Oscar than I ever did as a child! 

Plus it's really fun so your children don't feel like they are learning, best of both worlds. Plenty to do inside and will get your kids crafting again with all the fun options they have inside to help you. 

Here is the free World Map poster you get inside and you have to collect stickers from future magazines to complete it! A great idea to keep you gripped, we certainly are anyway and will definitely be repurchasing next month. It's been great to find a magazine Oscar will sit down and enjoy filling out and gets him away from his tablet. You can subscribe to this magazine however you won't get the free gift on the main cover when you do but if you're just wanting it for the magazine then its well worth it. 

Although Oscar is 6 and really enjoying it his younger brother Lawson who is four it has great things for that age group too, early learning curriculum framework and steam subjects such as maths, english, science, art and design, geography, history and more! It is well worth the money and we look forward to see whats inside next months magazine.

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