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Earlier this month we were very kindly sent this outdoor measuring tool, my kids love being outdoors and Oscar is always curious about what is bigger than whatever object he has in his hand so this was a perfect tool for us.

Inside the box you get a mesh bag to keep everything together which is very handy once you've recycled the box to keep it all intact. Then inside the mesh bag you have all the parts to make your outdoor measure mate with also some stickers!

It is a 7 piece set which includes a handle base, a measuring stick showing centimetres and inches, 2 times calliper jaws, trundle wheel assembly which has a bird footprint tread and as mentioned above a mesh bag and some colourful stickers. 

There are many ways you can use you're measuring outdoor mate, obviously measuring, you have the vertical measure to measure free standing objects, the callipers to measure internal and external dimensions of an object, the trundle wheel which is the boys favourite of the 5-in-1 tool as you can measure distances, one click is 1 metre. We played a game outside where we did a big jump and the boys would measure who jumped the furthest. You have the spirit level to see if a surface is level and the measuring stick can be used as a ruler. 

You have everything all packed into one for a good outdoor adventure of measuring things! You could set up some work sheets before you go out and tick of things or just be a free spirit. Make games like we did, throw sticks and measure who threw the furthest, measure who has the biggest stick. See if your dads frame he just put up in the living room is as straight as it should be haha! 

My boys thoroughly enjoyed the measure mate and we often take it to the forest with us now as we are very fortunate to have one right on our doorstep but you could take it to the park, beach or just in your back garden. The bird feet pattern on the wheel is also a fun addition to follow footsteps. There is plenty to do with this toy. Very easy to assemble and dissemble. 

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