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Hello lovelies, last month Elastoplast got in touch with me and told me some facts. 

"Research conducted by Elastoplast has found that almost a third of UK parents (29%) spend less than 2 hours a week playing outdoors with their children, despite it being shown that 1 in 5 parents said they felt younger after playing outdoors with their children and a third felt more relaxed — with this in  mind Elastoplast has found a way for to keep you safe while making those important memories…."

It was said that parents were worried about cuts and grazes with the hot weather, I suppose because your children are more than likely wearing shorts or dresses and its more easier to cut and graze knees. But Elastoplast have you covered this summer and on coming seasons! 

It must have been fate that the day the lovely PR team sent me these goodies because the exact day Lawson fell over and grazed his knee! I don't know about anyone else's child but mine instantly screams and is worried about me making it more painful by cleaning the graze, he immediately screams "No momma please". 

But following the three steps to the Elastoplast products we were kindly given it made the whole process a lot easier and quieter haha! 

First is Cleanse -  Using the Elastoplast wound spray (100 ml) £3.75 I spray the area and Lawson didn't even flinch, it is colourless and odourless and will effectively prevent wound infections. I think this a great statement piece in your medication cupboard or even to put in your handbag when you're out and about with the children, I think it is well worth the money and will be going every where with me now. A mum of boys they are constantly getting cuts and bruises. 

Second is Protect - Once the wound spray has worked its magic and is dry you then go and protect the area with the Elastoplast extra flexible fabric plasters (40s) £3.60, the extra flexible ones are much better for those little ones who are constantly moving their joints and body parts about as the fabric moves with them, the non stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound whilst the strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in its place. They have large to small plasters in the box suitable for any wound.

Last Heal - After a day or so apply the Elastoplast wound healing ointment (20 g) £2.35 this forms a protective barrier on the wound whilst creating an ideal moist healing environment which helps to heal the wound almost 2x faster. It also helps to reduce scarring. 

These three new products from Elastoplast have made summer a lot easier and I will definitely be taking them on our holiday with us, they have made the six weeks holiday a breeze. We always had plasters in the house but these two extra products make it better and easier to clean the wound and furthermore protect it and get it healing faster. 

I hope this puts you at ease if you are a parent a bit more reluctant on going outdoors, its good to get outside some fresh air and Vitamin D and good for the soul. All I remember from my childhood is being outdoors, climbing trees, playing football, riding my bike and I had my fair share of cuts and grazes but we didn't have these growing up and I still have the scar on my knee from falling of my bike, at least my kids will be more protected now. 

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