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Hello lovelies, at the start of this month I was very kindly gifted a place in Emma's wreath making workshop at Floral Studio in Rugeley, my home town. I was so excited and over the moon to do this as I've always wanted to make my own wreath. Emma's shop is absolutely beautiful, it is always full of the most beautiful flowers, arrangments, decor and more! Her window always looks gorgeous and you just want to buy everything you see in there.

I thought it would be easier if I just filmed a little video on how to make the wreath and just do a little what you will need. You will find most of the items available in Emma's shop and she is so friendly and helpful, if you want advice on anything to do with flowers or decorating a table, home, wedding, events then just pop in and she will help. She will be having lots of new workshops in the new year so keep posted on my Instagram to see what and when they are!

What you will need to make your own wreath -

An oasis wreath ring
Blue spruce (noblis dutch saying)
Dried fruits
Stubb wires
Cinnamon Sticks
Mini Crab Apples
Any foliage

Firstly you need to form a circle with your spruce, then build upon your wreath with your spruce and conifer in a zig-zag formation to make sure there are no gaps, then go on to adding your foliage and other decorative bits you desire using the stubb wire.

I hope you enjoyed my little video, I had such a lovely evening in Emma's floral shop and look forward to future ones. Check out Emma's floral shop Instagram for all her fancy work!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. xxx

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