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Hello lovelies, firstly Happy New Year! Today's post is all about our gorgeous new wall mural that I was very kindly gifted from Photowall, so if you fancy brightening up a space in your home, fresh year fresh start and all that then keep reading.

So I'll start by showing you the big blank canvas we had to work with, I love my bright white walls in my open kitchen/diner but it can look a bit boring too so when Photowall got in touch with me I said to Dan we can finally fill that big gap on the wall. Let me tell you though it was so hard to choose a paper, they have so many gorgeous designs we spent a good three days making our decision! We also want to get more for other rooms in the house now because it really makes such a difference and it's such a great vocal point. If wallpaper isn't your thing though they also do posters and canvas prints, I was opting more towards a big poster as you can easily change them around but I'm so happy we went with the mural instead now. 

Ok so before I show you the finished look, I have to warn you. Dan put the paper on and he isn't any professional, he's usually fairly good at putting up paper but this area was quite tricky so he pencil lined the middle of the wall as a starting point but he must have pressed too hard as the led bled through to the paste and paper sadly so we have a faint line! We can live with it though, the paper itself came in strips numbered which made the process a whole lot easier, I couldn't photograph this sadly as Dan surprised me one morning whilst I was out with the kids and had it on the wall for me for when we got home. The paper quality is gorgeous though you can tell its premium quality and it is so easy to use their website, you just put in your measurements and they do all the hard work for you. 

We chose Enchanting Mist in the end and I'm absolutely obsessed with it! We live near a forest so we really wanted to incorporate that into our house. It also has some blue tones that matched our chimney breast and the colour on our snug walls. You can also upload your own photo to their website, I thought that was a gorgeous idea but was a bit worried how it would turn out into a wallpaper but I'm happy with our final decision. We have had so many lovely comments about it already on my Instagram and friends and family who have visited our home. It's really completed our kitchen area and a delight to see every morning when I make my morning coffee. 

Once you've decided on a piece of art, I'm telling you it's so hard too choose! You can also opt for their wallpaper kit which has everything in it you need to put up your wallpaper, Dan thought this was a brilliant investment with your wall mural and used it all, now he has a full kit for next time we redecorate. The kit costs £18 and you get a brush for applying your paste (you get free paste with your wallpaper/mural), a seam roller for making those seams invisible, a paper hanging brush for smoothing the strips, a knife and cutting guide for trimming excess paper, a spirit level, pencil and a tape measure. 

We genuinely found the whole process very easy and although the wall murals tend to be a bit more on the pricier end it is well worth it in my eyes, especially if you want to make a huge difference to a room, the paper we chose is very calming and I just absolutley love looking at it every day. Thank you so much Photowall for asking to work with me, I've loved every minute. 

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