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Hello lovelies, been a while since we have been back off our jollies but trying to pick through the pictures and give them a lil edit has took a while seeing as I have been very ill through pregnancy, this baba isn't being too kind to me the monkey. We all went to Ibiza though at the start of September with my nan, we thought it would be ideal so me and Dan got a bit of a break but we all pitched in. 

The holiday camp itself I hated in all honesty, I thought the staff were all miserable, the entertainment was shocking and I just didn't enjoy myself. The swimming pool was nice and the food was lovely but that was about it, I hated it from day 1 which kind of dampened my mood and wasn't the best of starts to a holiday but I tried to make the most of it. The second day of being there we went on a bottomless boat ride, the views were gorgeous but you hardly saw any fish! You see more fish at the bay. The clubs outside the hotel were lovely and the people seemed more friendly there but Spanish people as a whole on that holiday have put me off them they never smile?! 

As a family we had some nice quality time together, I'm sure Dan enjoyed a whole week of work and all the free ale but I would never go back there I think the hotel was called Carribe, I wouldn't advice it to anyone. They had a childrens room for 3 and over so Oscar couldn't even play in there even with an adult supervision, the only entertainment they had for children at night was a disco every night! It was shocking, I think it was a waste of money we went to Alcudia last year and I loved that so much I would go there every year. There was one night me and Dan had a lovely late stroll on the beach, we danced under the stars and took a few pictures with the pretty lights and was nice to have some quality time together and we strolled around the bars, there was live bands which were fantastic and this lovely nightclub with a huge swimming pool it looked ever so elegant, something you would see in the movies. 

It was nice to get away from my hometown as my hometown is vile I hate it aha but I really wouldn't go there again, it has put me off I have never met such miserable people but loved the time I had with my family, so a bit of a depressing holiday report but I hope you enjoyed the pictures aha. 

Have you ever been to Es Cana in Ibiza, if so where did you stay?

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