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Hello lovelies, me and some other lovely bloggers were very kindly invited to the Debenhams Beauty Gala night the other day but it was also open to the public, for all those beauty lovers out there for just £5 which got you refreshments, VIP goodie bag, beauty workshops, free entry to a prize draw and exclusive gifts and promotions, it also gave you £5 of any purchase of the day which I stupidly forgot to do! 

I went with my blogger girl friend Sophie, we were very keen arriving very early and bumped into the lovely Sunny and made our way to meet the beautiful Kim who kindly sorted this all out for us. We grabbed ourselves a drink and had some nibbles and sat down in front of a little display, the display where all different brands were telling us about there new launches and giving us fab tops and tricks about make up and skin care. First up was Fashion Fair who gave Sunny a little make over, they made her eyes look stunning, then we had Bare Minerals, they showed us how to get the ultimate smokey eye from standard to over the top, depending on how brave you are. Then my favorite had to be Benefits little show, they gave a blogger Sian a make over and showed us how to create a define brow on Emma, mapping out the lines for where we need to prep. It was very useful as I am rubbish with eye brows. Another favorite was Urban Decay they showed us all there new Pulp Fiction range and how to create a smokey eye from the palette, very talented ladies and went into great detail about the products.

After those shows me and Sophie had a little wander around the shop and wanted our brows done by Benefit, the lady who did mine did them a little to extreme for me but I suppose it is all about taste and how defined you want your brows to look, Sophie's on the other hand looked great. I think Elemis where doing a presentation whilst we was wandering around which looks fun as people were getting pampered and massages, I wish I stuck around as my back was killing, we also got to look at Clarins secret spa room, am I the only one who didn't realise they had little spa rooms behind the counter? They looked gorgeous and smelt amazing they offered us a good discount price on the day too, kind of sad I turned it down now. Everyone on their separate stalls was so warm and welcoming apart from Chanel! As a blogger you obviously like to take pictures but Sophie told me that the girls on the Chanel counter were sniggering to them selves and giving us evils and wondering why I was taking photo's, I wanted to say something but didn't want to cause a scene, I just find that so rude and I do always feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when walking past there, they never seem to smile or make you feel welcomed, you feel like saying I have money you know aha, but apart from those I had a lovely time! 

It was so nice to find out about new brands such as Fashion Fair and take in all the great tips and tricks, they also did a little raffle where you could win amazing prizes I sadly didn't win and was very jealous of those who did. If that wasn't good enough we also got to take away a magnificent goodie bag full of amazing things. Full sized perfumes with millions of samples, I feel like I want them all now though, Elizabeth Arden cleanser, Alien shower gel and lotion, make up samples, lots and lots!

I heard on the grapevine they are planning to have another one in November which will be fabulous right next to Christmas so hoping I get an invite to that one and want to say a huge huge thankyou to Kim Stephens and the Debenhams team for such a lovely event, I enjoyed every minute and was lovely to catch up with some of the lovely bloggers. 

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