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Hello lovelies, I made my way to the Merry Hill shopping centre the other weekend with my blog gal Chloe and my little family. Dan took Oscar in the opposite direction and me and Chloe did a little bit of shopping thanks to the very generous £30 gift card we received and our little goody bag tote bags and had a look to see what was going on! We sadly missed the fashion shows! I thought it was quite badly sign posted in all honesty but there was fun bag making going on and I enjoyed Doug Hydes little artist collection in the Whitehall gallery, he has some fabulous pieces my favorite being the..

I absolutely love Merry Hill as a whole, plenty of car spaces and free which is a bonus, so many choices for food and plenty of shops to choose from, me and Dan also love doing a late night last minute Christmas shopping trips as they are open till 9pm. They have a cinema near by too so you can really make a day of it there. I didn't go mental shopping this time around, I picked up some bits from Tiger from never being in there before I loved it and found some unusual but very cool things and some new clothes. We finished our day off with a Nando's of course and purses a little lighter, I had a lovely day though and if you missed this years be sure to go next year, they had lovely ladies giving out leaflets with lots of offers in most of the stores.

Have you ever been to Merry Hill shopping center, what are your thoughts?

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