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Hello lovelies, I was very kindly invited to a Christmas launch evening at Solihuls Lush shop with many other lovely bloggers, as you all probably know Lush is one of my absolute favorite shops. My bathroom is chock a block of Lush goodies and a vase full to the brim of bath bombs, melts, bars you name it. Christmas products is also my ultimate favorite about Lush, its the more sweeter and rich notes such as snow fairy - peardrops and cinders - cinnamon, its just an amazing whirl winds of scents. They opened the doors for us and I was in heaven, they even played Christmas songs! So it was very cheesy, very festive and I couldn't be happier. 

I spent most of my time checking out the bath bombs, bars and melts table as that's what I am always buying in Lush, I loved finding new creations and we got to see them all in the water do there magic. We also got to see all the Christmas gift sets, I love the idea of the 12 days of Christmas, could anyone really wait till the end though? I know I would be peeking at them all. The staff were more than welcoming as always, I feel the friendliest staff are at Lush I have never come across a bad member of staff on all my visits to Lush. 

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or rub one onto you in the shower or both aha? How cute is the build your own snowman as well as the snowman shower jelly. They both smell divine but I guess the first one would be more fun, I think I might get this when I'm next near a lush store for me and my little man to play with. 

If not looking at all these products before they made there way to the public eye wasn't good enough we also got arm massages! They were heavenly by the lovely Cassie, she massaged us using the snow fairy massage bar and it smells so yummy and sweet and dusted us of with some first snow which makes any oils or lotions sink in to your skin faster to stop you feeling all sticky. 

Here we have from the top, my beautiful blogging friend Aimee being a snow fairy! Then part of the lovely Lush team holding up a little snow angel, its adorable and full of cocoa butter to make your skin super soft. 

We also got treated to yummy snacks and refreshments, my personal faves being the cola cubes and this fizzy apple drink, it was very nice!

Here are two of my favorite presentations from the night, watching the northern lights in action and the sparkler, both long shaped bath bombs that give of amazing colours, very frothy and bubbly and all the gold glitter in the sparkler make it very festive and Christmassy but there also both perfect for bonfire night, so if you're not a huge firework watcher in the cold outdoors why not pop one of these in your bath and enjoy a sticky toffee apple whilst soaking up the bubbles and beautiful colours. 

I had an amazing night, all the staff were more than lovely, Ryan had to be my favorite on the night making us laugh and showing us a demo of absolutely anything we wanted and felt like a new friend instantly. I also loved seeing old and new blogger faces, nibbling on the snacks and seeing all the new range. Safe to say I wanted one of everything but I was quite good on the night only buying a handful of things as my vase is already full to the brim, but I will be back before it all goes I need back ups! Plus we got a very generous goodie bag, mine had inside The Wizard, So White shower gel, Santa lip scrub and Father Christmas bath bomb I will review all of them seperetly over the up coming weeks so look out for those! 

Then I couldn't resist these three, the butter bear because just look at it! Its the cutest thing I have ever seen but I don't think I could dare chuck him in the bath, he currently lives on my dressing table, he's making my beauty room smell of vanilla and gives me a smile every morning, what better way to wake up in a morning with a coffee of-course! Then we have the sparkler which has been demonstrated above, it was the gold glitter that made me buy it and talking about glitter look at this glitzy sparkly pumpkin, this must of been the one before it turned back into a standard pumpkin in Cinderella! I can't wait to throw this in my bath and see what happens. 

I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts about the night trying to re-live it, I wish I could have an event like this every weekend it would be my idea of heaven. Once you step through the door though you just want to light some candles and get into a big bubbly bath, well I did anyway! If you have only just read about your lush night please pop your links below and tell me what your favorite was if you can possibly choose! Thank you so much Lush Solihul for a fantastic evening, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. x

Check out all the Christmas range HERE

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