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Hello lovelies, its been SO long since my last blog post (ignore the actual last one technical issue) but I've been out the blogging game for like a month and that feels like forever for me, I'm working on a secret project and its basically taking up all my time and energy but I need to find a good balance in my life because I've missed blogging so much, another thing taking up my time and energy is Love Island though haha, like if you watch it you know what I mean right?

I've been hooked from the start, even though the first two episodes I thought oh no this isn't going to be as good as last years as I really loved last years and still follow a couple of them on social media, I love Olivia and Alex especially, loving their insta stories and seeing what they are up to after the villa, so I thought no way are they going to top this but this year its actually way more savage!

Love Island have threw in some right bobby dazzlers especially Friday nights episode I was like whaaaat? Kem and Amber finally get official and Georgia comes in and throws a spanner in the works! I actually don't really like Amber that much but love Kem and I still think Georgia made a snake move, like they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend now, a bit harsh but will see what happens with those pair again now, personally I don't think it will affect them in anyway.

Jonny, well he's just a bell-end I've hated him since he messed Camilla about and got it on with Tyler like right in front of poor Cam after he broke her heart, also not keen on Tyler either where is the girl power? Girl code? I don't think most of them have that though.

The girls that do have girl code though are Montana and Camilla for sure they are my absolute favourites I adore Gabby and Marcel too, I disliked Gabby at one stage when she kept Jonny in and Marcel when he snogged a girl but I love them both again now, its hard to keep up haha. I despised Chris and Olivia at one stage too but I kinda like them now too, Olivia comes out with some great one liners as does Chris, like he's a bit of a dickhead but a nice one.

Alex is fairly new but he's cute and hopefully finally a decent lad for Montana as she hasn't had that much luck in love in the villa and Jamie is new and I'm hoping romance will spark between him and Camilla, Theo? A newbie and another dickhead, when he first came in I though ooh dishy then he opened his mouth. I was thrilled he picked Tyler though just to see Jonnys face drop, was hilarious. I can not wait for the drama to unfold in tonights episode!

If you love Love Island as much as me and you will be watching tonight make sure you're following these babes I love on Twitter to keep up with their tweets along side the show as well as mine!

Rebekka - Rebekkas favourite Islanders are Montana, Gabby, Camilla and Kem, she isn't keen on Liv, Amber, Jonny and Tyler.

"Montana is such a girls girl, I feel like every girl wants to
be her best friend! Camilla is literally a national treasure now and she's just so naive and vulnerable I just want to wrap her in bubble wrap haha, Gabby has such a big heart! Tyla acts like she's so innocent and sweet but I genuinely think she's a snake & one to watch especially if new boys come in! Amber would betray anyone to get her hands on that prize money & on a storyline, she's the most self absorbed person ever! Liv is just whiney and treats Chris like a baby! Jonny is just an absolute creep! I don't trust Craig either."

I didn't mention Craig above as he's gone now but he was just way to creepy!

Kirstie - like (LOVE) - Montana, she always has me in hysterics! I love her honest and just general attitude towards every situation and I love how she brings Camilla out of her shell a bit .... literally want her to win on her own!

love : Kem & Chris .... if you read my tweets way back when the show started I did NOT like these two. I thought Kem was a plonker and Chris was so arrogant.... hwo I was wrong! They have me in stitches, their bromance is literally the best thing to come out of the show!

Dislike.... Craig... I think he's playing a massive game knowing that everyone loves Camilla - he thinks that she's an easy pass to the final.

Dislike : Amber - the amount of things she's done to shit-stir is unreal. I don't know whether she's just quite immature or seriously knows whats shes doing but I'm just so happy Kem is with Chyna (although I wanted him to get with Danielle!)

I asked these ladies a few days ago who they liked/disliked so as you know Kem isn't with Chyna any more she's gone as is Danielle, I really liked Danielle and she was banging! She would of been an asset to any new boys coming in for her. But like I said its hard to keep up you have to watch every day, it really does take over your life haha, but I'm loving every minute and I can't wait to see what happens with Georgia tonight. If you haven't watched it yet catch up! It's TV gold. If you want to see little spoilers before the show make sure you're following Love Island on twitter too.


Thank you ever so much for your comments, I value them all and try to get back to you all soon as possible. Lots of love xxx