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Hello lovelies, today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite staples for an autumn/winter wardrobe. I can't be without warm cozy jumpers over my black skinny jeans and a pair of black boots, well anything with my black skinny jeans to be honest, they are so easy to style and go with everything! The only thing is black jeans fade so easily don't they? Well they did...

Surf very kindly sent me some of their new Surf Perfect Black liquid detergent to help me keep my black skinny jeans stay darker for longer. There is nothing worse than when your favourite pair of  jeans start to fade, as my favourite pair of Primark skinny jeans had already faded after using my regular detergent. It was time to put my new pair of jeans to the test using Surf's Perfect Black liquid detergent. First of all it smells absolutely gorgeous and it's not only suitable for dark jeans, it can be used on all your darker clothes to keep them looking newer for longer!

Wearing - Jacket Newlife | Scarf Primark | Jumper Newlook | Jeans Topshop | Boots Primark

I tried out Surf Perfect black liquid and I am so impressed with the results. I have washed my new jeans (pictured) several times now and look how brand new they look!


You can see an example here of jeans that have been unwashed (top),  washed with Surf Perfect Black liquid after 20 washes (middle) and washed with a powder detergent after 20 washes (bottom). Impressive right? You can get this at your local supermarkets and I won't be without it through these cold months as I live in dark clothing during the autumn/winter. 

I bet this would work amazing on the kids school trousers too.

In collaboration with Surf*


  1. I live in black skinny jeans all year round. Will definitely check this out.

  2. I should be banned from the washing machine, I have such a bad habit of dying things, shrinking things or just making them dull. It really is a skill of mine!

  3. OOh I'd always wondered if those dark wash liquids are worth the bother. It looks like they are!

  4. This is really good to know as 95% of my clothes are black haha. Will have to give Surf a try! Totally agree about the must haves too xx

  5. That's interesting to know. I have a lot of black clothes but I never use detergent, I only use the pods that you put in the washing machine directly.

  6. My black and navy clothes fade with my current powder, i wonder whether i should try this too!

  7. I’ll be honest. I never usually look at the bottle regarding if it’s suitable for colours/Darks etc I just go for what I think smells nice. Now I’ll have to try this in all my dark washing.

  8. Love that there's now a way to stop my poor black jeans fading! Thanks for this useful post, I'll be buying some


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