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Hello lovelies, wow what a month! Usually January feels like a life time and its been a bit of a mixture the first half of the month dragged then it was all of a sudden over. I really never expected us to be where we are again but at the same time its kind of taught me not to expect anything. That's pretty hard coming from someone who likes to have a plan ahead! But I've sort of been trying to just live every day as it is and take the most form it. I've really struggled with homeschooling this month when I previously really enjoyed it, the first lockdown we sort of had free reign though and I loved it. Now its boring worksheets, not the same! The kids have powered through though bless them, I'm so proud of them. I've cried a lot this month but who hasn't? Haha. I know were all struggling in or own ways we just have to look for the positives and keep going. 

I've baked a lot again! Cookies, cakes, homemade pop tarts, cinnamon rolls and cake pops! Oscars been helping me prep dinners and made his own bacon twists, he loved that. I even got to try some gorgeous cakes from a lovely local baker 'mummy bakes and me'. They were gorgeous, check out my Instagram!

We've been crafting loads, we subscribe to 'muddy and bloom box' they're fantastic, every month you get some flowers and veg to grow, crafty bits and activity cards. This month we made clay hedgehogs and the eye of god with cotton and sticks. We've also been doing lots of 'Draw with rob' and 'Art for kids hub' on youtube. Lots of lego building and enjoying our family walks on weekends. The kids also tend to forget about their toys and interacting with other things than their switch/tablet so I've limited the time on those and set up some role play tables for them, this week I've set them up a Vet role play area and they've been absolutely loving it, sneaky maths and english in there and of course drama. 

What products I've been loving in January -

I haven't switched up many new things but I've really been loving the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey shampoo and conditioner, they leave my hair so soft and it smells gorgeous! I asked my hairdresser friends which store bought hair products I could try after she sworn me away from my usual favourites! She said Garnier ones were ok, I'm so glad because they're only £2 a bottle and my hairs been loving it.

I've also really been loving the Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Liquid Peel, I feel like this stuff really helped clean up my troubled skin area around my chin and nose, I haven't had any new spots since either touch wood. 

What I read - 

Louise Pentland Wilde Like Me - I give this book 4/5 stars! Very easy read and I felt like Louises personality really shone through this book if you know her you will understand. I loved Robin and Robin in New York more! A story of a single mum in the 21st century looking for love. It's funny, fast paced and could easily devour it in a day. 

I do really want to read more, I need to stop scrolling and more reading. I'm currently reading Where The Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens.

What I watched -

I''ll start with the last thing we watched in January and by far the best! 

It's A Sin - Channel 4. Wow! It was beautiful and heartbreaking all in one. I haven't sobbed like that since my mum died and I was full on crying, ugly crying like a baby at the end of this. Me and Dan turned it on one evening at 8.30pm and we was in bed for 1.30am after devouring it all in one siting! It was that addictive. Its a five part series based in the 80's where five friends are tested through the shadow of AIDS, the acting is phenomenal! I want Jill to be my new best friend, she really was the glue of the group. But I loved each and every one of them in their own way! Me and Dan both broke our hearts watching it but thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend everyone to watch it!

The Serpent - BBC iPlayer - I had to watch this alone because Dan saw 8 eps and gave up after episode 1! I couldn't turn it off after I started watching this. I could have easily binge watched this win a day but kids to look after... Haha. Its based on a true story of a murderer, thief and is actually still alive and in jail now! Alain/Charles is a gem dealer and will kill anyone in his path if they don't do for him what he asks, he has two accomplices his girlfriend Marie and friend AJ. I can't say too much without giving it away but a very good watch!

The Wilds - Amazon Prime - I watched this after seeing Emma (Brummy Mummy of 2) Instagram stories, I really didn't think this would be Dans cup of tea, a group of girls deserted on an island in the middle of nowhere but he does like survival things and I think that is what he was clutching on to! We both actually really enjoyed this but wasn't happy with the ending! It has some twists here and there and Dan guessed them every time, I hate it when he guesses and gets it all right, anyone else haha? 

Lupin - Netflix - Another one Dan gave up on, this one only has 5 episodes too! He kept getting lost in it all, it doesn't take too much bless him! But I really enjoyed it. It was an easy quick watch and a smaller version of money heist! I loved Omars acting in it.

The Pembrokeshire Murders - ITV Player - Another true story based on the Welsh murderer John Cooper, its a nice quick 3 part series so it doesn't get dragged out. Dan enjoyed it more than me but it was an easy watch.

Back to Life - Netflix - I watched this on a whim all in one night! I didn't know what to watch and it was newly added to Netflix I think so I clicked on it. I liked parts of it but the ending really annoyed me and when/if you watch it I think you will share a bit of the frustration with me why the poor girl got so much shite when she come out of jail and it was just a bit disappointing when the story all unraveled. 

Headspace Guide To Meditation - Netflix - I'll be honest I've only watched the first episode so far but I really loved it and I need to make some more time for myself to complete this! A massive goal for me is to find time for myself and I'm already failing that haha, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day?! But I'd highly recommend trying this out! I love the headspace app. 


The Lie - Amazon Prime - Me and Dan only seem to ever watch Netflix so we went over to Amazon and tried to find a film on there, I don't know if its because were so used to Netflix but I just love how they're things are all set out great, I find Amazon Prime a bit al over the place and quite hard to find a film but we were scrolling through and found this! I really liked it at the start and it had a few shock moments and made you think but in the end it was a bit like a teenage book turned film.

Black Box - Amazon Prime - Luckily this film turned it around for us after watching The Lie! This film is about a widowed father who goes under an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is and my word does it have some twists and turns in! Its a bit of a thriller and has you on the edge of your seat in some areas and I think I cried near the end, not like me! (inserts roll eyes emoji) but me and Dan really enjoyed this film.

Instant Family - Netflix - I pretty much cried through-out this whole film! I put it on thinking it would just be a comedy film. This film is also based on a true story which made me even more emotional. This film is about a middle aged couple who adopt three children, well ones a teenager! So they obviously put them through their paces and I think it just gives you a little insight through what people go through who do go through adoption and it made me so proud of every single person out there that adopts children, gives those children a chance and a happier life and some stability. It has some really funny scenes and a lot of tears if you're an emotional person like me anyway! Was beautiful. 

Peanut Butter Falcon - Netflix - Dan is literally the worst and picking films so he said you choose one night, I honestly didn't know what to put on but fancied something different to our norm so I put this on. 
Its a gorgeous film based on bromance between a young man with down syndrome and Shia LaBeouf, this young man with down syndrome is stuck in an elderly care home and craves an adventure. He sure gets that with crabbing and wrestling along the way. Its a simple story but a beautiful one. 

Aside from binge watching series, baking, bullet journalling, homeschooling and lack of sleeping I've been wanting to try Yoga again as I failed massively in the 30 days of yoga in January and I also want to try the couch to 5k again, need to find myself a good supportive bra first though!
Hope your January wasn't too bad. What have you been watching?


  1. It sounds like you still managed to still do lots of fun things despite not being able to go anywhere. I'm currently on week 3 of couch to 5k and really enjoying it.

  2. Still managed to do a lot of things in January despite being in a lockdown x

  3. Wow you've been a busy bee!! I have loved seeing the things you do with the boys, the vets was amazing! We are watching The Bay at the moment but It's A Sin is on our list and Instant Family too, my friend is a foster carer and has been for many years, I am so proud of her, it's not an easy thing to do by any means, she's a rockstar. You have given me lots of ideas of things to watch, I have had Louise's books on my radar for a good while, I need to get back into reading, I used to love it xxxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

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  5. Lovely idea for a post! I've heard such good things about It's a sin but not sure I can brave it! xx

  6. I couldn't get into the Serpent. I've only watched one episode so maybe I'll keep going! Sounds like you had a lovely month, love this idea of a month roundup!


  7. It sounds like you had a fun January despite lockdown!
    I loved It's a Sin, I really want to rewatch although it was so heartbreaking x

  8. I need to do some more baking! I've seen so many people doing it and they all look incredible!

    Kayleigh x

  9. I must watch The Sin, I am hearing so much about it! A lovely monthly round up Paige.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  10. I think you're doing amazing with your home schooling, your kids are always up to things!

    Gemma Louise

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