3 June 2017

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a stunning compact duo from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range.

What is the first things you always top up when you're on a night out? Powder and lipstick right? No matter how much setting spray you sprayed before you left the door, if you're an oily girl that shit won't stay! Thank goodness for this cute little compact duo, it's small enough to fit in most make up bags or just your handbag. 

The powder is the perfect match for my natural skin tone and the lipstick Marilyn is just stunning, a mauve nude shade. I think it's the only compact that I think is worthwhile, the compacts I've bought and hardly ever used is ridiculous, with this you could even have a lipstick and bronzer duo if you're a person who doesn't need to top up their powder, the little powder sponge that comes with the compact is just the right size though to dab on the forehead, nose and chin, my problematic areas.

The compact is so luxurious looking as is the lipstick and they all stay inclosed without rolling around the handbag like most of my lipsticks do so nothing to worry about anything going missing. It also has a cute little mirror inside to do your touch ups in if there isn't a mirror near by. I thinks as classic is Joan is herself, I feel so 'grown up' with this palette I would imagine my great nan to have something like this back in the day, she loved her beauty items on her huge dressing table and had exquisite taste. For just £34 I think this is a pretty good buy, I'm tempted to get the bronzer compact duo now and choose another lipstick, the lipsticks last a good few hours through drink and eating and the powder has a lovely finish to it. I was very happy with this duo and enjoying her Timeless beauty range.

You can purchase this compact duo on the Joan Collins website or from M&S.


  1. You picked up a lovely shade and the mirror inside it's super handy x

    Caterina |

  2. Ahhh so stunning, I love the shades you chose! The packaging is so gorgeous and you capture it so beautifully :D love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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