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Hello lovelies, today I have for you some gorgeous dainty rings from The Jewellery box that they kindly sent me. 

I absolutely love dainty jewellery but I have fat sausage fingers haha and really struggle getting a pretty finger that will fit, I fully gave up on Pandora they never had my size in stock but this website is a game changer! Not only do they fit my sausage fingers they are super affordable, I chose these three pretty designs.

A tiara, because I'm a princess obviously, an infinity ring which I actually gifted to my mum as she got married for the fourth time this year! So it was to say I hope this lasts you until infinity then a gorgeous band of hearts as I am a sucker for anything romantic and love involved.

I am super impressed with it all, the customer service, the sizing, the detail and obviously the price.

Sterling silver infinity loop 1mm stacking ring £5.55 for size S, it varies in sizes on price.
Sterling silver and clear CZ crystal tiara ring £12
Sterling silver and clear CZ crystal hearts half eternity ring £8.35 

So the most expensive ring was just £12 how good is that? They are so beautiful too, here is a close up.

The tiara one has to be my favourite but I love them all, some people may only like their overly expensive jewellery and they cater to a lot of needs on their website but I'm not that much of a jewellery person so I'm more than happy to spend as little as £5 on their website to roughly £20 as I'm not much of a jewellery wearer but for that price I can treat myself to a pretty piece, I even thought for when I get married hopefully next year but its looking more 2019/20 at the minute, I know it's strange but I don't like odd numbers so I'd rather wait another further year than marry on 19 haha, but anyway I was thinking this website would be perfect for favours because it's so affordable and fast delivery and I think everyone would love it. 

I'm checking out their ankle bracelets at the minute with summer coming up , I love a bit of bling on my ankles in the summer, their bracelets are stunning too.

Have you bought anything from The Jewellery box before? If so let me know what you got in the comments below.


  1. These rings are so pretty! I love dainty jewellery, I like to mix and match up lots of rings!

    Becca x

  2. Beautiful rings! So dainty too, the heart one is so pretty.

    Kirsty x

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