1 September 2017

Hello lovelies, I promise my blog will have more to offer than just toy reviews when I finish this project I'm doing haha, my blog looks like an Argos Catalogue at the minute, great if you've got a kids birthday coming up soon though, plus my kids have been loving this craft toy we were kindly given a couple of weeks back. I'd never heard of the Fuzzikins Craft toys before but this Fuzzikins Craft Campervan Carry case* has have the kids a couple of hours play and me a couple of hours peace, win win.

So not only can you craft your own little kitten, it comes with two cute kitties perfect as I have two boys, they both had one each and designed it to their taste, which also makes the toy more personal to the boys which I personally love about it. I helped decorate the stickers as I love a bit of colouring too and helped Lawson make his kitten have some stripes. Oscar was really proud of his kitten and Lawson wanted to take his for a drive in the camper van. Oscar loved finding all the secret compartments in the van and was great for their role play and imagination.

They spent ages playing so lovely together with this game pretending they were going on holiday, a few squabbles over the carry case as they both wanted it at all times, I put a little timer on which worked, the handle on the camper van makes it very easy to access and carry around and a great toy to take with you on little trips, again they can take their kittens on 'holiday' to the park or to grandmas house. After seeing them have so much fun with this toy it has made me want to get more of the Fuzzikins collection, I love it when they find a toy they can share and play nice together with. 

You can also buy separate cats or dogs if you're more of a dog lover and add them to the camper van or they have a cute cottage I have my eye on next, maybe for Christmas, it is defiantly worth looking into especially if you have boys or girls who aren't really that into craft which mine aren't I was surprised to see them have as much fun with this as they did, especially Oscar he gets so bored with colouring but he loved giving his own design to his little kitty. Highly recommend looking into these, I had fun with them too. 

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