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This will be the last toy review for a while I promise haha, but it's a good one! Anything from Brio is great, its well built they're made from FSF certified wood which means its traceable and originates from responsible forestry, we support the forestry here!

There toys are just always built to last, we've had certain toys from Brio for years but still going strong from Oscar, we handed them down to Lawson and he still loves his Brio toys, but because they are so well built it means we can keep handing them down the generations.

This toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and up although Lawson is only 2 and a half he is enjoying the abacus and were slowly getting him into learning his numbers, Oscar on the other hand who is 5 is loving learning about time, he knows the 4'oclock and half past 4, were just getting into the five past, ten past etc now.

The toy measures in at 21.9 x 10 x 5cm so its big enough to play with and read the time easy and play with the abacus but also small enough to carry around with you, in the car, going to family/friends houses or on the go. I love how brightly coloured it is, I think children attract their eyes to bright colours, the numbers are all clear on the clock to tell the time easier and its just a great sturdy toy to have in the home.

Oscar has really loved this toy and is constantly asking me what the real time is so he can keep changing it every so often, he's now trying to teach his little brother to count and showing him on the back of the toy how. It's been a pleasure to receive this toy and watch the boys play so lovely with it, an educational toy you wouldn't even know about, learning can be fun too right?

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