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Hello lovelies, so I don't even know if I've done an update post in a while, if I haven't I will be filling you all in but we brought our house this year and now planning our extension, all the rooms are being sorted and I'm turning our old dumping ground back room into an office before the extension takes place so I thought I would do a little wish list of things I'd love to have in my office using the lovely guys at Love the Sales website as they very generously gifted me some skin care items to use.

Love the sales caters to the beauty lovers to the fashion novices, parents and people who just love doing up their home, you can find an array of items to suit your needs at amazing prices.
Here are the items I am loving the look of to fill out my office space in the near future, by the looks of things they have quite a great sale on at the minute with office furniture on their website.

Firstly I chose this Odence Ash Compact Desk which also comes with a chair in the same style, I love this retro style desk and love the Oak shade of wood anyway, I'm not a fan of dark woods I think the brighter woods make the room look more big and airy. This would look gorgeous in my office with a little memo board above it to keep me on track with my blog.

Then all the matching pieces of furniture to go with it, how gorgeous is this retro style furniture though? You know the solid oak will last you a long while too, it's pricey but well worth the money and with me constantly changing rooms around and furniture being moved from one place to the other we need good sturdy furniture to put it through it's paces. I also think that the smaller shelf would look really cute as a bed side table.

Then I had my eye on two of these gorgeous chairs, the very luxe office swivel chair, how comfortable does this look? It looks very elegant and would make a great statement piece to the room. It would look great with all my black ink prints in the room. But to soften the room back down again and bring a little pastel colour which is my favourite I loved the look of the Toulouse swivel arm chair, this would look really cute in a corner, a place for you to kick back and read a book or catch up on the news etc, it's adorable.

There are many items on there website I want/need in my life now and will be recommending them to my friends who like the finer things in life for a cheaper price! 

Have any of my office furniture finds took your fancy?

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