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Hello lovelies, despite the terrible situation we're currently in how nice is the weather? The weather has been very kind to us which has helped massively with the kids! Even better the kids very kindly being sent lots of amazing goodies from Gazillion bubbles! 

We was very kindly gifted four items from Gazillion bubbles and you can purchase them all from Amazon.

You have the Giant Gazillion bottle of bubbles what Lawson is kindly demonstrating, the "standard" bubbles but will last you ages with this humungous bottle! I also find these huge bottles are more sturdy so your children are less likely to tip them all over, they can't carry them around as they're too heavy so they stay nicely on the table to play with and will last the kids ages! Hours of fun to be had in the garden, just remember your SPF and let them have fun whilst you pour yourself a brew.

Then we have the Gazillion Incredibubble Wand, Oscar is kindly demonstrating here! Even I had lots of fun with this one, it makes the biggest bubbles! Bigger than the kids, the kids were in awe of this product and wanted to play with it all day. These bubbles really have saved me during isolation, I think bubbles just have that effect on you as a child or adult, they just make you instantly smile! 

We had the Gazillion Mega bubble blaster, what kid doesn't love guns? Even better a gun that blasts out bubbles! I prefer those types of guns believe me. This was very easy to put together, the bubbles come out at a great size and its so much fun.

Then I've saved the best until last, the Gazillion Tornado. We all had so much fun with this, we ran around the garden catching all the bubbles, great for getting in that daily exercise, using your imagination, role play and more. The kids pretended they where stuck in a whirlpool which I thought was amazing and they needed to pop all the balloons to escape. Lots of laughs all around and very easy to set up. 

I think these products are well worth the money and if I wasn't kindly gifted them I would be more than happy enough to purchase these myself. It really has cheered the kids up so much and they can't wait to have their friends around when the horrible virus goes away so they can enjoy the bubbles too. 

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