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Hello lovelies, a month or so ago we was very kindly sent a lovely new toy from the Pokemon range! A Pokemon carry case playset! You can get this at Smyths toy store, it would make the perfect Christmas present for any Pokemon fans out there. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen how much Lawson fell in love with his new toy! Me and the boys love going out finding Pokemon on the app on my phone now we can take this carry case with us on our adventures. We can find them whilst physically battling Pokemon. Lawson has took this most places with him, when we go out for lunch, the park and now on our caravan adventures. 

It has lots of cool features, you get a little 2 inch character free with your carry case, Pikachu and you can collect all the mini characters to go with your carry case. It has a boulder trap, a tree house trap door, battle arena with launch pads, secret caves, spinning whirlpool and so much more!

Lawson loved all the secret trap doors and battling with the characters, there are secret contraptions throughout the carry case to flip or pull out which makes it even more exciting. It isn't too heavy for your child to carry. Lawson loved the idea of having his own backpack with a toy in he could take anywhere! It would be perfect for car journeys, going to grandparents or friends (when safe of course), going on walks and really wherever you want. No more loosing toys or trailing loads around you have a great toy all in one here. It has been a great addition to Lawson's toy box and he plays with it most days since we've had it. Even my eldest son (8) has enjoyed battles with Lawson. If you have a Pokemon fan in your house they will truly love this.

The Pokémon Carry Case Playset brings the world of Pokémon to life! Kids can discover the world of Pokémon and take it with them wherever they go. Re-enact your very own Pokémon Battles and explore the Pokémon world with this exciting feature filled Carry Case Playset! Where will your adventures take you? The Pokémon Carry Case Playset is scaled for any 2-inch Pokémon figure and when your adventures are complete it all folds up easily into Ash’s iconic Kanto Region backpack making it not just perfect for safely storing all your Pokémon figures in one place but also addsto the Pokémon role play and means you can take your Carry Case Playset wherever you go! 

Gotta go, Gotta catch em all! 

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