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Hello lovelies, we were very kindly gifted a new game from Outright games for Lawson's Nintendo Switch, the Paw Patrol Mighty Pups

Lawson is still a big fan of Paw Patrol so he was so happy to receive their new video game. You can also buy this on PC, Xbox and Playstation if you don't own an Nintendo Switch. Lawson has had so much fun with this game. It's great for problem solving skills to work the little ones brains whilst they have lots of fun. 

Lawson's favourite pup is Chase, what's your little ones favourite?

Lawson loves the fact the pups turn into mighty pups giving them super powers! You have to be a hero and do lots of missions. You can change the pup you want to be, there's lots of choice with all the pups involved and even play in two player mode. Why are they mighty pups? Because a meteor hits and gives them powers. I loved the sibling factor of the two player game when they work together to solve the missions.

We were very kindly sent a little party pack full of Paw patrol cut outs which the kids kindly ate before I even got chance to photograph! Some gorgeous colouring in sheets, card to make their own Paw Patrol badges and a couple of games which me and Lawson and Daddy and Oscar even had fun joining in. 
It was a great addition to celebrate the new video game.

How to play the game?
In the game, Ryder selects two pups to complete each mission, just as he chooses them in the show, and more pups unlock as the missions are successful. Each pup comes into play when their skills are needed.
There are 7 missions or you have mini games if you don't fancy going straight into the missions. There is also collectibles.

There are 37 characters to collect, 9 Adventure Bay locations and 5 different animals, and you can click through to each badge to learn more about it. Lawson gets so excited when he gets a new collectible and runs straight over to me and shows me. 

I would highly recommend this game to any Paw Patrol fan out there, be a hero. It would make a fantastic Christmas or birthday present.

No jobs too big, no pups too small! 

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